Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights -

Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars | 2022 Week 8 Game Highlights

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  1. Wasn’t very happy with the sacks on russ but I was even more upset with the fact that when he did get sacked the linemen just turned away and didn’t help him up…

  2. The roar of the european crowd hits different

  3. Idk wat have happened if the broncos lost 😂, and Russ dosent run the ball like he use to anymore 😔

  4. Forget the records this was a competitive game. Russell came through with the run on 3rd down. Lawerance tried to pick on the DB wearing a cast and lost.!! Good win broncos work on that run 🏃‍♀️ defense.!!

  5. Feels good to be in the winners circle

  6. Trevor Crew is Cocky now teams can pray together and I will ask you to pray for me also.

  7. The Jaguars always play in London every year. I think the UK should get their own major pro league one day! That's like the number one country that needs a mjaor pro league that doesn't have one! Who agrees with me?

  8. Definitely looked like a 2-5 team vs a 2-5 team.

  9. This is the exact type of game you would expect from two 2 and 5 teams with a lot of problems at every level of the game.

  10. As a Londoner I reckon the atmosphere we provided was just great !! There were obviously heaps of American ExPats with loads of different shirts displaying their favourites. (Next time I'll wear my Steelers outfit). I've often said that the only other NFL game I attended was back in 1988 when I went to San Diego to see the Redskins beat, coincidently, the Broncos in Superbowl XXII. I loved it then and I love it now.I think London is ripe for a Franchise here !! There were 86,200 people in Wembley on Sunday and EVERYBODY had a great day out. London would be an immense feather in the cap for the NFL.

  11. So Russell just needs massive jet lag and the dude plays well. I guess Denver needs to move their training facility to Hawaii or Alaska or something

  12. The European fans have another level of cheer than we do in the US. Just like the announcer that calls the NFL games in Spanish is so cool to listen too.

  13. Trevor Trannyrence is YET ANOTHER completely overrated and overhyped pinkskin bum. Gawd pinkskins are nauseating with the way they obsess over hyping their own up to the tilt. Pathetic af. Imagine feeling the NEED to do all this lmao.

  14. 🤣😂🌍🌎🌎🌏🌏🗺🗺🧭🧭🏔🏔🌋🌋🏕🏕🏘🪵🪨🪨🧱🧱🏗🏗🏛🏛🏛🏟🏟🏝🏝🏖🏞🏞🏢🏡🏠🏚🏣🏣🏤🏥🏥🏦🏨🏨🏩🏩🏪🏫🏬🏭🏯🏰🏰💒🗼🗽⛪🕌🛕🛕🕍🕍🏫🏫🏪🏨🏣🏢🏢🏡🏠🏚🏫🕋⛲

  15. i like that Rus didnt look terrible but would of love to see them win better

  16. Deplorable Jared Brodersen *Say No To Marxists* says:

    Looking a bit like the old Denver Broncos here.

  17. What does it mean when the Jaguars stand with their fists in the air and look to the sideline? Never seen that before.

  18. That deep ball between the 2 receivers should have been caught. Russ threw that from his own end zone all the way to the 35 he still has that moon ball arm hammler should have tried his all to make that play 🤦‍♂️

  19. When Russell has a good play call and gets in the zone,all you doubters, he,ll get it done, in f he plays like Manny and doesn't force the ball and play smart they when games, and short routes get the first downs

  20. The line judge sucked in this game his spots were horrible

  21. Finally my team pulls off a win. Think we should still fire our coach though. He just makes bad calls. He knew his job was on the line. He thinks he is in the clear but he’s not. Your still on elways radar bud

  22. So nobody going to talk about Greg Dulcich 🔥

  23. My girlfriend is new to watching football and at the end I was explaining that a minute and a half in the last two minutes of a one score game is a long time and I said “an interception here would be ideal,” and Williams comes up with the INT before I could take another breath and it was just awesome! Let’s riiiiiiide!

  24. Russ like ARod they always looking for the big play that a lot of times they miss the right ones

  25. Guys as someone who watches these highlights from UK, I know the winner from the first picture. I would like to find the result by watching. Please don't give is away with the first still. I love watching the highlights. Thank you

  26. Everyone that turned or russell wilson is crazy this guy was one of the best qb for 7 or however many years thats no fluke so I blame the coach running a offense that russ doesn't thrive in thats a coaching and offensive problem.

  27. Such a fun game to attend in person 🎉 flew all the way from North Carolina to Germany to London to watch my boys catch this dub

  28. I hate that the refs blow the play dead when they want to cause he would of been short that’s last play

  29. Much needed Win for the Broncos they where on a four game losing streak. In They have the most Penalties on first down on Defense in the NFL, and there RedZone offense is not good…..

  30. bro that ball boys one handed catch was 🔥

  31. Can someone please explain to me what that Jeudy TD dance was??😂

  32. The crowd reaction to Simmons' INT was so great

  33. I’m so happy for Russel & the Broncos! I’m a Seahawks fan and I couldn’t be more happier to see our former quarterback shining! It’s also nostalgic. Please, Broncos’ fans show support to Russel all the time!!! You won an Amazing human being and quarterback! I’m glad Russel showed all of you what he can do! This is the Russel I know! 🙏👏👏👏

  34. First highlight is Russel throwing a pick 😂

  35. Russ was throwing dimes in that second half man! First half too just not as consistent. But man oh man that second half!

    Don’t sleep on the addition of our young super talented tightend coking back! This was his first game back and you just see him smoking linebackers and safeties and getting behind corners! Greg Dulcich being back is going to obviously make this offense more potent !

  36. Lol at the guy with a Steelers jersey on…… wth was he doing cheering for any team in this game

  37. 1st & goal at the 1 yd line. pass play with Lawrence rolling right and Denver has it COVERED, but it’s Lawrence so he forces a pass anyway and gets picked.
    1st & Goal…. AT THE 1……

  38. Can we start a go fund me for the Denver O-Line?

  39. Why oh why does Lawrence try to throw into a crowd at the goal line? Just throw it away and get a 2nd chance to score. And Jags defense was too passive on short yardage situations – I think that's the 2nd time in history that Wilson actually got a 1st down on a sneak.

    You just cannot give Russ hope. You had him with the INT and scoring 2x, but you gave him hope including giving him easy dumpoffs to TE with the defense just standing around. Then you started letting people get behind the CBs with no pressure on him – that's his #1 skill is drop the moon shot down field so do NOT allow that!

    I say this as a Seahawks fan 1st who has seen what RW's weaknesses are, and a Jaguars fan 2nd from living in Jax 7 years (that's my AFC squad).
    Come on Jags – you are better than this. Start executing and winning, and don't hand the ball to the other team.

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