Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 3 -

Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Week 3

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  1. 1 read qb really I seen at least 2 to 3 reads on plays what are we talking about

  2. Honestly its crazy that this same dolphins team scored just 7 points in the wild card

  3. Me and my dad were gonna go to this game and then last minute something came up so we couldn't go

  4. This game reminded me of when my rams demolished the broncos on Christmas Day 🤣

  5. Team of intreses 😂😂😂❤🎉😅

  6. People who are watching this in 2024😭

  7. Proverbs 24:1
    Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.

  8. Still hard to believe how they dropped a 70 steamer on em

  9. Want happend to Tua at the end when that Hail Mary happened

  10. I'm glad we got 70 but bro we shoulda went for the kick

  11. 70 points is cool and all but kevin harlen the real all star

  12. Goodell: How many points do you want?
    Dolphins: Yes.

  13. The fact they did this without waddle….

  14. Almost next season, still should have gone for the field goal!!

  15. This is some Miami Magic
    Fins Up ☀️🌴🍹🐬

  16. hey hello there thomas vercher how are you wats the news
    he eh he he just joking
    do yo have extra boonie dog there my dad is playboy

  17. First Tud celebration was my favorite of the year

  18. It was once a one score game😧

  19. This game is like when you play little bro

  20. I think next year they'll break the record probably against titans or patriots or cardnails

  21. I can't get enough of watching this blowout, it's not very often the Dolphins put up these kind of numbers.

  22. LET DENVER COOK!!!😂😭😭

  23. The first down play at 0:13 in the video might be the most time I’ve ever seen Tua have in the pocket.

  24. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  25. I hated how Miami didn't want to break the record on most points ever in a game

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