Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers Week 2 | 2021 NFL GameHighlights -

Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers Week 2 | 2021 NFL GameHighlights

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  1. I new Aaron Rodgers would bounce back from that week 1 blowout. 4 TDs and a win.

  2. Bruh…that throw @ 5:15 to Adams…in his damn catch pocket…65 yards…yall just saw Matt Ryan can’t even throw it more then 40 let alone accurately…im a bears fan so im allowed to respect a good qb ik the struggles for awhile but we straight now #PlayoffBall & it’s still Fudge the Packers💯💯🧀💩 im just waiting on Aaron Rodgers to leave y’all and y’all gonna be looking just as pitiful as these lions

  3. Let’s be honest here….Kevin king’s job is GONE how stokes started playin😂😭

  4. Lions secondary is better with Ifeatu Melifouwo and without Okudah. Okudah is a bust. He lacks elite acceleration and lateral movement and is simply not a difference maker. He had hamstring issues last year and an achilles injury this year. He's not going to get any quicker. Absolutely dumb to draft him at #3.

  5. if you could take a player from the packers and put him on the lions who would it be

  6. Aaron Rodgers only confident challenging bad teams

  7. if the lions had a defense they could be a playoff contenders

  8. Now Packers fans are singing a different song about Rodgers. 🤡 😂

  9. Jesus is king repent amen God bless you and your family heaven is paradise God bless 🙏 amen

  10. Lions are pathetic.. it's sad when Goff rushes for more yards than your backs. Whyy tho🤔

  11. Wonder what the Magoo's at CBS sports will say ( they motivated AR ) LOL !

  12. 8:13….Yes, we miss him very much. We all do. You played out a wonderful draw Norm. Broke even.


  14. Find your necklace Aaron. I know it means a lot to you.

  15. What a shock. When it counts the most, the Refs make SURE they score (w/ that phantom pass interference call) even when Lions stop them. Big surprise

  16. At least the Lions have Swift and Hockenson , build from there!!

  17. Lions had no chance of winning this game tonight who ever thought the Packers was gone lose two games in a row in lose a home game to the Lions was clearly out of there mind.😂😂😂

  18. A frat title for -15 Aaron Jones when he played the quarterback decision very well!

  19. Talk about a complete opposite performance in the second half for the Lions, Packers scored 21 unanswered points after trailing by three points at halftime!!

  20. For most teams, playing the lions is like home cooking!

  21. Anybody that thinks the Hackers are going to the Super Bowl is delusional…beating the Lions is something that almost everybody will do for awhile this season…

  22. That pass at 5:16 was unbelievable.. coming from a Bills fan who wishes Josh Allen wouldn’t overthrow those every time.. 😂😱

  23. And to think I started the Detroit Lions defense on my betting roster

  24. Being at Packer fan this game doesn't re-ignite my interest or desire in the team. The Saints exposed them last week badly and they struggled in the first half vs the Lions (at home no less). I will judge my state of R-E-L-A-X after Week 9

  25. Really hoping that the Saints game in Week 1 was an aberration and that this game against the Lions was a reflection of how the Packers will play this season. After watching the Saints get blown out by the Panthers, I'll have to watch a few more Packers games to get a true feel about whether this team will actually contend this year.

  26. I needed 30 out of aaron jones to win fantasy this week… needless to say, today is a good day.

  27. Funny how the Packers play football. They can only win games that don't matter. But can't win championship games when it doesn't matter.

  28. YJMJ The MVPs ticket into Canton has been punched on the 3rd downs of his career.

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