Divisional Round NFL Game Picks & Win Probability | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

Divisional Round NFL Game Picks & Win Probability | NFL 2021

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  1. Buffalo is going to dog walk the Chiefs, and it will be closer but the Rams will beat TB 🤙

  2. My predictions
    49ers vrs Packers 28-24 Packers
    Bill's vrs Chiefs 36-31 Bill's
    Titans vrs Bengals 30-28 Titans
    Rams vrs Buccaneers 35-33 Rams.

  3. My Predictions on Championship Games:
    Bills v. Titans
    Packers v. Rams

  4. These are the right 8 teams for the playoffs. Let's just appreciate that there will be 4 great games this weekend. If anyone is reading this, have fun, be safe, and enjoy the weekend.

  5. Packers got lucky in the regular season against a banged up 49ers not this time 28-10 49ers.

  6. The Buccs beating the Rams?…..
    I don't think so.

  7. Aaron Rodgers is 0-3 against SF in the playoffs. After tomorrow he will be 0-4. Go 49ers!

  8. Won't be surprised if the Rams, Bills, Niners and the Bengals pull off wins this rounds!

  9. Telling me all of these games are gonna be one score and no one goes over 30? Yeah right

  10. Of course KC favorite. Home advantage is the only reason they have 1 more point than the bills

  11. I like the way this video ended 😈😈😈😈

  12. Right my guess for the afc is that whoever wins out of Kansas city and Buffalo will go to the superbowl. No offense to Cincinnati or Tennessee I just feel like these two teams are better. As for the nfc I think its a toss up between green bay and Tampa. I do think the rams will make it tough for Tampa this week though.

  13. This is gonna be some of the best playoffs ever

  14. Chiefs game MIGHT go to OT…if not chiefs will win 35-24
    Buccaneers lose to Rams 30-17
    Titans beat Bengals 24-20
    Packers beat 49ers 28-17j

  15. Don’t be so sure or underestimate bills

  16. Kc and over, TB and over, TNN and over, GB and under, $$$

  17. NFL Division Playoffs 2021
    LAR 28. TB 30
    KC 32. BUF 37
    CIN 14. TEN 27
    GB 22. SF 27

  18. Cheifs and bills played in week 5 bills won 38-20 I say bills win 45-42

  19. Are these numbers + percentages by the same ppl bringing us the covid vaccine numbers? Sure hope not.

  20. Still hard to decide between Packers, Rams or Bucs.

  21. Any here after packers and Titans both loose🤡

  22. 2 games are over and both teams who won they predicted a loss. Disappointed

  23. The Green Bay game prediction is wrong! NINERS WON!!!!!

  24. Who’s here after Green Bay lost to San Francisco💀💀

  25. 2 divisional games on Saturday, two wrong picks, will see how the "pros" picks turnout today.

  26. When was the last time the 1st seeded teams both lost in the divisional round?

  27. 0-2 so far, Bengals and 49ers knock out Packers and Titans. Rams and Bills have potential to pull off upsets today too. Update: Rams win, Bills lose in OT 1-3, Chiefs cover spread.

  28. The “probability” winners are laying eggs so far

  29. Mamas wrong again hahahahahaha suck that 🤣 🐏 baby whats up baby

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