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Dropping Bodies – Backbreaker Vengeance Montage

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Bodies…..bodies everywhere.

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All footage filmed on the Xbox 360 using a BlackMagic Intensity Pro Capture card for the Mac. Gameplay Edited with Adobe Premier Premier CS5.


  1. If only 2k made a unlicensed situation football game with euphoria 😭

  2. bro the players with the ball was punching people

  3. And thats exactly the thumbnail right there i paused the vid where the thumbnail is

  4. 0:44 you can see his soul leave his body and go to the moon and come back when he breaks his foot

  5. The song is like exe song. Remix

  6. This video is so old but I still watch it lmao p

  7. I always use too play this game one of the best games

  8. One of the most underrated games the Xbox 360 had to offer. For the love of God, make this game backwards compatible!

  9. This game is for ps3 only

  10. I play American football 🏈 I number 21 lol

  11. Нереальный Двигатель 4 says:

    When this game came out, I dreamed of playing it, but I never played it)) Now I have created something similar myself, who would have thought?

  12. They alwwayz break the neck and also don't touch the pp

  13. this is the best thing ever see like I'm going to play football this year and I you too and this is a good thing cuz like I'm in fourth grade and they do for 2nd 3rd and and Gannon and yeah I'm going to be freaking awesome

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