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Dublin vs Mayo | 2021 All Ireland GAA Football Senior Championship Semi-Final | Full Game

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The Full Game between Dublin and Mayo in 2021 All Ireland Football Championship Semi-Final


  1. Any chance you could upload the mayo vs galway Connacht final game. Big game to have missed!

  2. what a fuck of a game Bring back the days of Jason Sherlock ad Darren Fay Jesus how many times r the going to take a drink and go FIX THERE HAIR a load of BOLLOX

  3. These two teams are the " El Classico " of the GAA now .. Its nice to be on the winning side for once , Dublin are great ambassadors for the game , hopefully they will regroup and return again for the championship in 2022 … hey Dublin , as a proud Mayo man once said .. " dont look back in anger " . and as a proud Dublin man once said " if there is a light dont let it go out " ….

  4. Small should’ve gotten a straight red card for that, sending prayers to eoughan and his family as I heard he went and got double jaw surgery, hope he has a speedy recovery, wishing all the Mayo team the best of luck in their next match,

  5. Dublin players .. really are awful when it’s comes to sportsmanship .. breaking the Mayo players jaw. Disgraceful. And no penalty given. Dublin played resort to what they know best when losing . Violence.. I think after the jaw incident the ref had to cop on

  6. I support Monaghan but I was cheering for Mayo because I hate Dublin sooo. F*** u Dublin

  7. Congratulations to Mayo 🙂 , I'm Delighted that you finally beat them thuggery of Dublin.

  8. Great upload – today's game uploaded tomorrow would be similarly appreciated!!!

  9. I’m Scottish, my family is from co. Tyrone. But I was jumping up and down like a mad man, well done Mayo 🤙✊.

  10. Well done, lads. From an American Mayo supporter. Mayo for Sam!

  11. Look Im a Mayo supporter with huge respect for the Dublin supporters I work with and the achievements of the Dublin team. This match and the actions of SOME of the players is disgusting and demeans their legacy. What really wrecked by head and got me mental mad was the ref and linesmen Deegan in particular!! If these guys did their jobs properly well the minority of dangerous players would fear getting sent off. Commentator's also calling dangerous tackles normal play.. has to stop.

  12. Not an ounce of class from the losing side. Dublin should be ashamed of themselves. They've won plenty of All Irelands already. They didn't need to resort to this behaviour when Mayo were better than them on the day. If you have to lose, then lose with grace.

  13. Connor lane and Dublin Deegan should never officiate a game again.total bullshit the way they handled mcglaughlins head injury.Totally against protacal,they rule says the game should be stopped.Let no one defend these guys both of them seen the incident.Disgraceful from GAA not to take action against officials or John small.Oh I forgot sure Dublin are worth millions to GAA so like John Small can still play football??????

  14. How'd we watch this in England…cos this is a damn sport worth watching! Do sky, virgin or BT show it?

  15. Aidan o shea the curse if ya ask me

  16. Mayo curse wil haunt them Tyrone will knock tem about mayo wil have a war Tyrone wil die before they lose

  17. Only reason mayo won because Dublin fell asleep mayo had to win at some stage mother of God tey have lost more all Ireland finals than I've drank cups of tea their opposition in connaught is brutal wen tey encounter proper opposition tey usually collapse sign of an extremely poor team their history is diabolically bad

  18. I suggest tey do a pilgrimage to croaich Patrick not croke Park tat mayo curse is far from gone mayo waiting for a big fall tey will hit the ground running Tyrone will play a difficult game their constantly in yur face extremely difficult for any opposition

  19. Dublin fans are unreal against Mayo. I don't want us to win unless it's against Dublin.
    The Dubs are the best fans to go on the piss with .
    I'm from Mayo , who the fuck will we drink with in Dublin if we win the all Ireland. I hope the Dublin fans will come on the piss with us if we win. Or to be honest i hope they come on the piss if we lose too .

  20. Just one more fellas, and all the very best from Australia.

  21. Nice to see the dubs getting beat I hope MAYO will see it all the way

  22. Genuinely one of the sporting highlights of the year. Great seeing these dirty scumbags lose.

  23. The referee was poor and aidren o shea should be Sent off

  24. That’s my teacher his name is saun in english Pronounced shawn

  25. Can't understand how this isn't played elsewhere in the world, this sport is brilliant, so fast & intense.

  26. Mayos All Ireland for 2021 Tyrone for Sam Mayo for Sandwiches

  27. Hopefully they won't let beating Dublin go to their heads and they can push on and not bottle another final.

  28. Shit their knickers in the Final……..Again.

  29. Im a dub it was some ride over the last few years but i suppose all good things mist come to an end eventually well done to mayo outclassed us on the day 🇮🇪



  31. YES MAYO !💖👌💝💙💜🖤🤍😻

  32. Dublin really let there selfs down they where walking for most of the game

  33. This game is more closer to football, rather than rugby

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