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  1. I just don't see what people see in nba live. This game does not look like it's worth $60.

  2. Even the EA haters were blowin twitter up after the NBA Live presentation, and it was all positive. Madden has improved so much, but no one knows it… and that's a damn shame! Clint may be the most underpaid person in the gaming industry, period. Now he's doing damage control for EA, and that's after he gets called every name imaginable… daily! As far as JM16 goes, damon grow might get lynched… and i'd help! He has made this unstable, potentially homicidal football gaming community worse than it has ever been! He targeted the sim football video game community, and I truly do not know why. That dude has me pissed, bc he has not been forthcoming, nor has he been honest with a damn thing. Oh, why did joe montana tweet out that pic with the 2k sports logo on it??? oh, madden is going to be close to "that game," the one we've all been waiting to play. The amount of ground they covered this year, it's truly amazing! Live has the entire gaming communities full attention, and rightfully so. I'm very tired… if you were able to read this rambling, you may have super powers lol

  3. Guess I'll be buying live along with 2k16 this year for first time in almost decade. Madden seems to have addressed a majority of the issues that have been present over the years(at least on paper) lets hope it's in the game. I do find it funny howClint gets bashed on twitter daily, meanwhile we have this other Dev(Damon Grow) who gets praised for his dedication & stalked by grown men daily but gives no information to anyone except to the sim community's own Mr. Shutdown Sheriff of & his chosen deputy 3sec clip guru. I'm sure Grow works hard just as any other Dev does but lets put down the anointing oils already & see some gameplay first….. …..Bill Parcells reference FTW

  4. Ny Kia I agree with you on everything you said… Especially about JM16 possibly being a PC exclusive. If the developer does not show anything on this game tomorrow then he would have to be the decades biggest troll ever! If this was a Microsoft exclusive alone that would have enough. It's obvious that the developer only have intentions on serving a niche audience. As for live I'm a nostalgic fan so at some point I was getting it anyway…. Just here waiting on its dominance like a boxing fan who waited on Mike Tyson to return to his dominating Iron Mike days. Plus it has some fun factor to it in my opinion.

  5. Damn great point NY the flat trailer than the deep dive blogs are annoying I don't mind reading but just show us all the damn improvements

  6. That's fine NBA live tryna make a come back. But until EA fix there exclusive NFL game. I don't wanna play shit outta EA sports.

  7. Ea should have presentations like that because their pockets are lined up really nice.. Lol but at the end of the day its either put up or shut up because their product on the court is far, far behind nba2k. Beautiful presentation or not the game play is going to have to speak for itself when it comes out otherwise this was one giant smokescreen

  8. I need to know if this game has online franchise or online seasons, that's the only way I buy the game.  The same for nba 2k16, no online franchise, no buy.  That's why I play madden and ncaa 14 for that online dynasty/franchise experience.  Play offline isn't my thing.

  9. The Presentation To NBA Live Is Amazing

  10. I'm will buy live I'm think no in full-price,they improve a lot…2k need to get they shit together fuck the fucking vc bullshit….5,000 for a fucking shoe get the fuck out of here.

  11. I don't care I'm getting NBA 2k16 NBA live 16

  12. LMAO why is game seven in Cleveland? Come on EA

  13. cmon the hatred ofr nba 2k has people so blinded lmfao..this is garbage. lol

  14. You said somehow someway 2k took notice and looked in to what live put out… id say though that even if it was a shit presentation by live that 2k wouldve made sure to see it cause of the competition they have… and yea if live steps it up and more people start playing live and its a good game that puts pressure on 2k to continue to improve on their game…. I do think that this will be the best live game since the older ones, but i still think 2k will have them beat by at least a little bit

  15. honestly if live can just have better gameplay and more ways to play online like park and or team up on 2k that would be great…. and the gameplay on live is eh…. im constantly stuck in animations and end up doing something that i did not want to do with that player… also it seems like i have less control over the players in live then in 2k….so if these "physics" they are bringing in to the game to help with animations work, then it should be a big improvement and i cant wait to see

  16. Tbh I hate madden so I'm never impressed buy anything they show at e3 I wish that 2k could take over football and EA takeover basketball

  17. i will try nba live 16 but im buying nba 2k16, they have to win me over for a purchase.

  18. the players look so messed up in nba live….animations are really unrealistic….ball goes in the basket weird as hell….the game just cant compete with 2k….its a shame

  19. Ok based on this gameplay. I definitely will be buying 2k16 but props to EA for improving.

  20. it looks good but still not sell well cuz they are bringing out the same day as nba 2k16

  21. NBA Live still plays like trash, their engine just cannot compete with 2K's engine.. Id like to play Live but I'll never play it, I already got my money for 2K tho

  22. NBA Live graphics is shitty compare to NBA 2k

  23. Those dunks are so weak. There's zero emphasis. And both Curry and Thompson glitches to the basket for easy layups. NO THANKS!

  24. The problem is that's until EA make a game changing Football game, people not checking for any sport game out of EA, basketball nor hockey. If NBA live 16 is truly better than NBA 2k16 this year, NBA live will look the same next year, like big brother Madden every year.

  25. Again presentation looks great, graphics look great but the animations and the movements look choppy and stiff

  26. If this is nba live 16 then seriously nba 2k15 is still better than this. Now imagine what nba 2k16 is gnna look like smh

  27. theres nothing mind blowing here. This looks like its from 5yrs ago. The only reason it makes you NBA Live cheerleaders feel enthused is because the last few NBA Live games were THAT bad!!!

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