Eagles vs. Washington Football Team Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

Eagles vs. Washington Football Team Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Washington Football Team during Week 17 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. eagles are proof that a good oline is the most important thing in football. this team lacks talent at a lot of positions tbh but that running game keeps them in every game they play.

  2. 8:29 – how did they end in a first and 14 at the own 4 yard line?

  3. 4:44 Unnecessary roughness. 🙋‍♂🙆‍♂🙅‍♂🥴🥴😣🤕

  4. Washington Football Team = worst name ever, followed closely by Texans. With names like that they deserve to lose. Should be renamed Washington Insiders, or Washington Cravens to match their neighbors the Baltimore Ravens. And just suppose the Texans should move to Oregon, then we could have the Portland Texans, sort of like the Arizona Cardinals.

  5. It will be forgotten because of the result, but the reffing in this game was pretty biased, I don't know how Washington lost with all the second chances they were given

  6. That last interception was pass interference, cuz the receiver was tripped ! 👇😡

  7. ummm pi on that last play anyone ? im really happy for the eagles tho

  8. Y’all gonna ignore dah cameraman situation 😂😂

  9. I haven’t watched the Eagles play this season. Only watched these highlights. I do like Hurts and feel like he could be a franchise guy in today’s NFL. For those that know the team, what are your thoughts on Jalen Hurts?

  10. Dang! Didn’t see that game coming!!! Good job to both squads.

  11. 04:42 can someone explain why cameramen and the crew are so damn close to the field? Are they using instant cameras or something? they are practically asking to be injured.

  12. I was at this game yesterday. After that BS pass interference call on Maddox, the whole mood of the stadium changed. The crowd really stepped up and acted as the Eagles’ 12th man for the rest of the game.

  13. The eagles don't deserve to be in the playoffs this year

  14. the eagles really shown the league that they really do wanna be back in the playoffs and boy did they ever over time👀

  15. A win is a win – on to the next one. Good to Dallas G continue to put up impressive numbers. Seems he is almost always open with few drops – my fav player on the squad. I understand we can thank Wentz for that pick, not horrible Howie.

    The Eagles are going to be a hard out in the playoffs. Run the ball, no turnovers and play hard nosed Philly football. Who would have thought we would be playing football in mid-January back in October. Not me. FEF

  16. Siriani has grown on me alot over the year. Ive been an Eagles fan my whole life. And when they were sitting at 2-5 (I know its his first year), I just felt like he didn't have the demeanor or the experience to take the team anywhere this year. But I always felt like the players loved him. I felt the same way about Hurts. Ive always liked Hurts but felt like his passing game needed improvement. He played really well today, and has been playing pretty well these past few games. Im sold on this team as a unit. They have cohesion. They play hard and they don't give up. The coaching and play calling has improved alot on both sides of the ball, and it seems like Philly is hitting their stride the hardest at the best time. I won't be disappointed if they don't make a deep playoff run, but I did not expect them to be in the playoffs at all. So I'm just totally stoked to see them back in the play offs this year, let's go Birds 🎉

  17. The Eagles' GM needs to sign Antonio Brown before the season ends, Sunday. Philly needs another WR for a playoff run!

  18. Look at hurts from for example the raiders game or the bucs game and look at him now…there's noticeable progress. The man really has grown and you can attribute most of that to the eagles recognizing the strengths of the team: running the ball and playing physical. Of course, he still has some of his old habits of staring receivers and not seeing the whole field at times but they are not nearly as massive as it was early in the year. The man is remaining a passer before running more and more and I think having that ankle injury was a blessing in disguise because of that. Seeing minshew start while he was injured must have done wonders.

  19. Two teams I love to watch in a great game.
    But can anyone explain to me – see 4:45 – why we allow an enormous crowd of 'civilians' close to the touchlines? Someone's eventually going to get killed or seriously injured folks! Believe me, moving the dozens of cameramen back 2 yards isn't going to affect the quality of their photo's (have you seen the lenses they use?). Just players, coaches and officials close to the field of play. And get all the 'furniture' out of there as well (benches, nets, drinks trollies…)

  20. This was the definition of 2 teams battling for a playoff berth

  21. Eagles will get trounced in the playoffs.

  22. heinicke played well solid passing and escapes from pressure too bad solid loss.

  23. I am sorry did 1 of the fox commentator said his ankle does not hurt him so if so is this why one of the buccaneers play left his team but the again if the buccaneer's team physio should also say he can't play

  24. Hey Washington.. you have your QB, now fix that O line next year and you're going places. Great game Eagles, this was an exciting game to watch the highlights on 👍

  25. Never expected to see the Eagles run a counter Trey, Mailata is a great athlete who can pull behind the whole line and become lead blocker on an outside run to the other side. Made me nostalgic for my 80s Redskins.

  26. 4:42 Is that cameraman ok?! Dude literally didn’t move a muscle after he got rocked

  27. Imagine if Seriani hadnt called only screens for the first quarter of the season

  28. I think we need a different head coach and defensive coordinator in the first half of every game.

  29. See Washingtons problem is their o line and their defense Taylor Heinicke is actually a really good qb but he just doesn’t have good enough protection

  30. This would've been a great game to be a spectator at, so close, for me it's bitter sweet because I've been an American Indian sympathizer in Australia for years so naturally Washington Redskins took my fancy (at the time they were a very strong/competitive team), sadly they are not allowed to call themselves by that name due to 'political correctness' even tho' as I heard it, the indigenous groups in Washington and surrounding states (who BTW did much to secure the colonists their independence from the British) actually were favorably disposed to the team having that name that honors them. I think Washington are still building and I'm pleased to see that they are more competitive than in the recent past. . . . . I do NOT understand why any team would opt. for the field goal when at 4th+1 . . BE brave GO for it! . . . 1 t/down+extra point will so easily negate 3 field goals!

    I said 'bittersweet' because despite the above I have a neighbor's son who is in the 'practice squad' for the Eagles, who said to me before he left for the USA. "We've not been a strong team but we're building and we think we can do better!) well that was an understatement and I think they have surprised many critics, commentators and probably best of all themselves! They're still contenders for the p/offs and I think the belief in their potential is there. . . . GO PHILLY! . . . Hopefully Matt Leo will get his debut next yr. if not sooner! . . . YAY Mathew! 🙃 🤪 🦘 ✨

  31. Looks like the TE fell on purpose on that last play. Wtf was that? Not Heinekes fault. Should have been a TD.

  32. What an insane game, down to the last 30 seconds!

  33. Am I crazy or did Hurts ball just have a bit more zip and tight accuracy on it today? He just looked different in general (pocket presence, consistent check down instinct, etc). I know he still missed a few reads but if this is the energy for the playoffs he brings, this could be dangerous for at least the Wildcard round.

  34. If Jalen Hurts has 1 bad game, people scream: "Bench him!"
    Zach Wilson plays like garbage for an entire season, people say: "He needs more time to develop." Sam Darnold plays like trash for his entire career: "Still needs more time to develop."😂 The double standard is so obvious it's laughable.

  35. 5:05 – it's those kind of runner-but-early-slide decisions that will keep Hurts a healthy duel-threat.

  36. I'm not looking down on ur team Eagles fans. Eventho, u won that game. The Football Team controlled the entire game until the final play (interception in the endzone).

  37. Wow, the sideline hit at 4:43 looks devastating!
    Hope the camera crew are okay.

  38. I think my favorite thing about the eagles is how they keep bringing back Jordan Howard every year after letting him go in the offseason. What is this? Like three years in a row now?

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