Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys | Full Game Highlights -

Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys | Full Game Highlights

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The Oklahoma State Cowboys defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 37-35, in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl. Spencer Sanders threw for 370 YDS and 4 TD while leading the Cowboys in rushing with 125 rushing YDS.

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  1. Good job to the Cowboys and nice halftime adjustments on defense. ESPN was having a complete bromance with Marcus Freeman. They couldn't stop cutting to him between every other play.

  2. this has to be the worst highlights reel i’ve ever seen

  3. How does ESPN have worse highlights than the lowliest highlight channel? And these people are paid for this garbage?

  4. Man these highlights are awful. Other channels do a much better job. ESPN up your game!

  5. Whoever put these highlights together needs to be fired

  6. The editing on this is weird. They play the same play twice.

  7. These highlights suck! ESPN, you gotta do better.

  8. at 8:48, when spencer sanders is running out of bounds one of the Notre Dame coach tries to knock the ball out of his hand lol

  9. UND was not a top 10 team…and it shows against a lost to a somewhat depleted OSU.

  10. The freak, they reply first two ND TDs but not OSU’s? smh 🙄🙄

  11. Outplayed,simply put it. Now the nation sees the Oklahoma State talent. Did you see the catch by Tay Martin? Also Notre Dame didnt have the answers defensively to stop them

  12. I wish Notre Dame would’ve hired a head coach who knows how to make halftime adjustments.

  13. At least Notre Dame put up a good game and wasn’t blown out. Respect ✊

  14. OSU was lucky that no one at N D knows how to coach defensive backs. They have been horrible for 20 years or longer. Their philosophy is , let the receiver catch the ball, then try for a tackle. Moronic! Freeman ,a defensive guru ?? How could he watch number 6 and keep him in the game?

  15. WORST HIGHLIGHTS EVER. Does anyone check this before posting? Worst editing. Couldn't be much worse. Same play shown twice, sometimes not even in order. SMH COME ON GUYS.

  16. Irish should of tried to extend the lead before the half just as osu started to pick up speed but before they had time to make the adjustments on defense. We played scared in that moment which could of been the game. But 3 timeouts and almost a minute left with a qb with no picks and 300 yds already just didn't make sense to me

  17. What a place to end this video? ??? What was the final minutes play and final score ESPN?

  18. whoever did the editing on this video… needs to find a new job. jesus christ

  19. horribly embarrassing loss. not just in the way they lost, but to whom they lost…. not Oklahoma…… Oklahoma State!! ND was without their two best players, arguably a top 5 draft pick in Kyle Hamilton and a 1st round RB prospect Kyren Williams…. this NIL and people forgoing bowl games, it's all going to ruin CFB.

    That DL just gave 5-10 yards a clip in the 2nd half.

    This was bad for CFB considering ND will start the year ahead of okst next year.

  20. Im excited for the future of my Fighting Irish, Tyree, Styles, Lenzy, Colzie, Mayer, Buchner at the Helm. Logan Diggs and Aidric Estime are gonna be savages, Lorenzo Styles had himself a game as a true freshman. Im sad we lost, but now Freeman has his 1st loss under his belt and its onward and upward from here on out, 'HONEYMOON IS OVER", quote from a Confident Man with Conviction within himself.

  21. I felt like I had hiccups watching these hightlights. Does the S in ESPN stand for Sucks?

  22. "Full Game Highlights" – minus the ending that showed who won the game. Never clicking on this channel again.

  23. Bruh this is the worst edited highlight i have ever seen

  24. Does anyone know if there is a full replay of the game anywhere?

  25. Mercy, who signed off on this? Plays repeated and plays out of order.

  26. Was your editor drunk while putting this video together…

  27. Whoever edited this needs to be fired. It gave me a headache

  28. One of the most exciting bowl games that happened and ESPN fucks up the highlights smh 🤦

  29. ESPN is the worst. Part of the reason why I watch fox sports instead.

  30. why are we seeing the same play 2 times lol

  31. Tanner McCalister gave up 2 touchdowns in the bowl game and 2 touchdowns in bedlam and I’m sure some more in the Baylor game have fun at Ohio State

  32. Concerned the defensive system is too complicated to work like Van Gorder's. A little disappointed no adjustments were made at halftime and no help for Lewis who was struggling.

  33. ND is overhyped trash as usual. Glad Stillwater exposed em!!

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