FIFA 22 - Liverpool vs. Manchester United - PS5 Next Gen Gameplay - Premier League Full Match | 4K -

FIFA 22 – Liverpool vs. Manchester United – PS5 Next Gen Gameplay – Premier League Full Match | 4K

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FIFA 22 PS5 Gameplay in 4K.

Liverpool Vs. Manchester United Premier League Full Match.

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  1. Pls follow like and share page up gaming for DLS 22 exotic goals and wonderful skills

  2. fifa 22…ps5..nextgen…no big diference in gameplay …fifa19…20…21…all the same…only big diference is when u watch videos …gameplay average

  3. The 3rd and the 4th goal of munchister united wowww

  4. I really like it and am going to get a ps5 soon and I support Man Chester United and I really like the way they are playing

  5. I just got my ps5 so am able to play with my freind next year and im starting a career mode and normal games

  6. Your camera settings please? Awesole match btw !

  7. This is not a game mwhauahahahaha

  8. I also uploaded a gameplay of FIFA(el Classico) (BAR VS REAL)u can check in my videos section hit subscribe 🤜🏻✌🏻

  9. Fifa 2022 is like Pes Evolution Soccer , is not nextgeneration ! maybe in the future Fifa 2025 !

  10. MUN played really good overall and in the first few minutes I knew he is going to win👌

  11. New game but same artificial movement … From all the years …

  12. Just yesterday for this match to happen

  13. Well well well, would you look at that.

    After today, finally i can say, this has aged well.

  14. Omggg the graphics are super realistic!!!!!
    Now I can't differentiate between gameplay and reality 🙂

  15. Hello!! there is a movement at 3:38 seconds that the player puts the ball forward a little and run, can someone tell me how to do that? i have been trying to found how to do it but can´t find it anywhere and tried to do it also but can´t…
    Thank you

  16. I can't update the new summer squad on PS5. Can you show me how to load new squad?

  17. FIFA fans complain about the gameplay, wait to you see what Auzzie sport fans put up with, Cricket, AFL, Rugby League & Rugby Union, now thats shit gameplay.

  18. I wish fifa was made by Konami gameplay would be different campare to EA

  19. I admit, you were the better side this match , I’m asking for a rematch…

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