First Football Game | Drill Team VLOG -

First Football Game | Drill Team VLOG

Northwest Sidekicks Drill Team
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Follow the Northwest Sidekicks on their first game day! They begin football season with a rainy away game against Little Elm High School and are performing their Field Pom to Shut Up and Dance! Happy Game Day!

Heather Sponsel
Leila Bailey

Dance Officers:
Sydney Lowe

Madison Sly
Clarissa Rodriguez
Julia Blattner

Social Officers:
Sarah St.John

Vice President-
Macy Cuthbertson

Alexa Vasquez


  1. Yall don’t understand how jealous I ammm I really wanna be in Belles the varsity dance team in my school😭

  2. Do you know what the second song the band plays is called?

  3. Do you know the woodlands highschool highsteppers?

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