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Florida A&M vs Jackson State | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Florida A&M vs Jackson State highlights from week 1 of the 2022 College Football Season

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  1. Lmao jsu qb is straight trash there team jus stacked , he def ain’t gonna play no d1

  2. Damn they’re full of monsters over there. Imagine when their linemen gain more size. They’re already a problem

  3. The play by play announcer sounds like frieza

  4. 47 got ran over in the beginning of he flexing for

  5. these are little boys u dont think Georgia wouldn't smack 50 on them

  6. Won’t beat THE Ms Valley State University

  7. Jackson State was far more dominant against FAMU than North Carolina. UNC got into a shootout, JSU just put a foot on their throat

  8. Their game has so much swagg. Prime got something special with this program !

  9. when it comes to HBCU's I was raised to support GRAMBLING..also have love for RUST COLLEGE down in the Sip' but you gotta be proud of what JSU is doing in the world of HBCU sports ..much love

  10. Looks like a decent crowd. Hope the best for these school. Look d1. Very clean game

  11. I just want to see Jackson State go against Alabama, Texas AM. I got money on Jackson State Coach Prime all the way!

  12. Dammmmmmmmn this really makes my UNC HEELS look bad now! Our offense is Elite but Defense is Atrocious! We better tighten da F up IMMEDIATELY!!! 🤦🏿‍♂️

  13. Deion Sanders is just Mastermind that whole game bro

  14. Sanders gets better and better each and every single time he steps on the field.
    He is underrated in my opinion because of the level of play he is facing but what we are seeing Prime do at Jackson St is something special. They are making history before our very own eyes.

  15. Ayo this got progressively funny with all due respect

  16. Am I tripping or does the referee sound like Kevin Hart 🤣🤣

  17. I long to see a HBCU in the top 10 every year in football and basketball. All it takes is someone having a vision like Coach Sanders and right leadership in the schools. Additionally, would love to see top HBCU's have stellar academic programs as well.

    All the money Black Athletes generate for PWI colleges and coaches should be coming back to our schools and coaches who have the same potential.

    Thank you Deion for having the vision.

  18. Dis is exactly how my game went Friday 🤣🤣 das scary

  19. That pass interference call was correct. Defender never turned to play the ball…just ran into the wr.

  20. Travis Hunter was fun to watch after deestroying

  21. This is like playing madden on rookie level with all 99 level players on your team easily crushing the opposition. Damn.

  22. 59 to 3… that entire team needs to be fined for getting whooped. They were better off playing pop Warner

  23. The whole team has improved. Especially the offensive line.

  24. @victorsValiant Where is the JSU vs TSU game highlights?

  25. i saw Travis Hunter catch 2 Tds
    2 interceptions and throw 1 Td in the same game
    that kid could have played at any college he wanted to
    respect to Neon Deon

  26. What was the name of the song the band was playing at the beginning?

  27. Jackson State needs to make GZA 4th chamber their intro song. Would automatically be the best song in NCAA football history. Make it happen.

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