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Florida Gators vs. Florida State Seminoles | Full Game Highlights

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The No. 16 Florida State Seminoles held on to defeat the Florida Gators, 45-38, on Friday. Seminoles QB Jordan Travis threw for 270 YDS & 1 TD and rushed for another 83 YDS in the victory.

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  1. Change rule that was bulshit it was a touch down

  2. Florida state running back remind me of tj yeldon in college

  3. Cheating SEC refs tried to hand the game to the Gators at the end.

  4. As a pro football fan (NFL), these highlights are kind of funny; it's like a blooper reel.

    Just need the looney-tune sound effects. swooooooooooop doink

  5. I watched this game in person and the stadium was hectic. Can’t wait to go to another game in the future.

  6. Travis has put the team on his back. Dude is special. Where are my crying and blaming the refs gators

  7. Jordan travis is big time and Trey benson is a dog

  8. How bout those QBs, both were electric, Travis was something else my god he’s fast.

  9. And no Shout outs to the referees for the targeting and face mask, the multiple pass interference calls.
    Fsu,,,,,you really need to to thank the the refs.

  10. Question for the fans of the teams. Who do Florida State dislike more ? Miami or Florida?

    Also, why don't Miami and Florida play annually as well?

  11. Ole Spurrier got to be happy Florida going to the Mayonaaaaisssee bowl…

  12. Said all season Gomer Pyle Napier is not the answer……You deserve it UF.

  13. Florida state is going undefeated next year

  14. As long as Billy is coach gators will finish 6-6 every year

  15. U heard it first here all of FSU offense is coming back …. 🔥 📛 offense is gonna be fire …

  16. 99.9% of the gaytor fans never stepped foot on the campus!…WHITE TRASH ARMY…I feel sorry for the 1% that actually went to UF…GO NOLES…STATE CHAMPS!!!

  17. Anyone else remember when this was the #1 game in college football?

  18. Every bit of what a rivalry game should be, regardless of ranking. I don’t know why this isn’t the top 3 rivalries in the country.

  19. Well I'm a Florida stay fan so I had to say thank you for saying congratulations as a Florida State fan but you know what we both did well all right Oswald is well You know you guys are going to a bowl game so we are so that's why I said Oswell ends well @alyssaannacchino4495

  20. Time flies when you are having fun. I remember the first week of the season. When FSU barely beat LSU and Gators barely beat Utah. FSU overcame two SEC teams. They are pretty legit. Can not wait to see what they can do next season.

  21. Great game FSU you earned it(also nice to see you storm the field on a 6-6 team🤣🤣🤣)my boys played hard but our third quarter was way too bad it was a too little too late game for us as usual. Though it’s bs the refs didn’t call the facemask againest FSU on 4th down.

  22. yall need to white balance the output. garnet isn't purple.

  23. I love what Coach Norvell is doing with this team. We've come a long way from these last few years. I couldn't be more proud to be a Nole. This was an absolute fantastic game. This is what Rivalry games are supposed to be!!

  24. Great win Noles and "State Champs!"
    FSU becoming "state Champs" is a major milestone for this team.
    That accomplishment only happen 15 times in FSU History.

    One of best Fsu vs Florida games, I witness in my life time.

    I see people complaining about the facemask. Look like QB and DB grab each other facemask simultaneously. So if called,the penalties probably would have offset

    Great season Noles! Win the bowl game!

  25. It can 3rd and 90 and this defense would still find a way to give up a first down🤦🏾‍♂️ But congrats to FSU they were the better team good luck in your bowl game

  26. Had to go back and watch FSU incredible play to really enjoy it!!!

  27. Glad to see sportsmanship between the two teams in the comments. Nice to see that for a change. Not always present in society today


  29. That "Chop" is rather Disrespectful.. Otherwise a Good Game.

  30. People always say the Big 12 doesn't play defense … well .. doesn't look like the ACC does either…. outside a handful of matches, SEC doesn't play much themselves. I think people need to realize that football at the college level, is more about offensive showcasing. These are young men that are still growing. The NFL is where the defense lies…. because that's when the men reach their physical prime. Even the best defenses in FBS seem to allow more points than they should.

  31. I was there! What an awesome game. Felt like going back in time when both teams were top 10!

  32. All time great game! College football needs this! Go, Noles!

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