Florida State Seminoles vs. LSU Tigers | Full Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Florida State Seminoles vs. LSU Tigers | Full Game Highlights

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In the Florida State Seminoles’ 24-23 win over the LSU Tigers, Seminoles QB threw for 260 YDS, 90 of which were to WR Ontaria Wilson.

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  1. I have attended and taught FSU, and knew Bowden personally. I haveseen them every way imaginable. What we are seeing here is a team that now BELIEVES in themself. They are 2-0 now, and will NOT give up on us. That makes them dangerous to anyone.

  2. Definitely wings fault, who taught you to go towards the end you push towards the middle

  3. be honest as a noles fan if kelly would had went for 2 we would had been 1 and 1 but I will take 2 and 0 go noles

  4. PERFECT ending given the way Kelly left South Bend.

  5. Give LSU another year with Daniels under center and I promise you that LSU will be National Title contenders… If you go to the statline, Daniels was responsible for 323 yards… 209 passing no INTS, AND 114 Yds rushing… He did an amazing job…

  6. Bring in Coach Deion Sanders! He deserves a shot!

  7. OMG Jared verse shoved the 💩 out of that Olineman

  8. rigged game as usual. how could u drop the ball @ 1 yard line. if you gamble in sports, you knew that FSU rigged it.

  9. Bro FSU was at the 1 yard line and ran a toss play. Why? Just hand the ball off no need for the risk.

  10. So many great games in the first weekend. This was amazing to watch and a great drive to almost tie in the in by the QB #5. College football never disappoints

  11. LSU is about to get caught in a pickle, TEXAS, OU is coming to SEC west, Alabama Texas A&M, Arkansas, Florida, Auburn isn’t going nowhere, oil money and JSU about to take LSU player’s

  12. I love my tigers but I think it’s gonna be a rough year for us

  13. Greg McElroy and Joe Tessitore really sucked.

  14. Man what a brutal game for LSU. But they kept pushing until the end which I am proud of.

  15. Next game LSU plz get new kicker n punter

  16. I'm convinced that heart surgeons received a spike in cases after the final two drives of this game

  17. Big statement win for fsu it’s been a few years since fsu had a big win like this. Program changing win

  18. I had a feeling typical fsu would messed the game up but it’s different this year

  19. As an LSU fan I am in pure shock. I have just experienced every emotion possible

  20. Brian Kelly has a good squad… Don't think he has ever had so much speed on his teams…. These guys make his other teams look like slow motion.. LSU is gonna be alright.

  21. You can not pitch it on the goal line… That's literally what Brady did to score the TD in the biggest comeback in Superbowl history. Just sayn'

  22. Florida State got a real coaching staff it seems, huge improvement from last year, this is good for college football, well done,Great game !!!

  23. THAT'S a football game. It's beautiful. The record shows a nasty opening L for LSU and a very encouraging W for Florida State, but in any case that's a beautiful game played. Both teams were vicious and hungry and everyone was totally alive. That's why football. Nuts to soccer, I like the oblong brown ball better.

  24. We were at this game. How exciting, turn of events, after turn of events.

  25. FSU beat Miami 5 years ago in the same way.

  26. Wished they would of went for a two point conversion feel like they would of got it and won the game

  27. Refs got that call wrong man TE was inbounds that clock would have ran out

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