Football ASMR😍⚽️#football #soccer #shorts #asmr #games -

Football ASMR😍⚽️#football #soccer #shorts #asmr #games

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  1. PT접었다가
    약으로 다이어트중 인데
    해인감비환이랑 같이 먹어보니 생각보다 많은 효과가 있네요
    좀 충격이랔ㄱㅋ추천합니다.@@~###

  2. Bro the boy was going to hit you in the face.

  3. When did you get the gloves from sansbaris or asda

  4. This Video proved that Goalie gloves are Useless 😂

  5. He's 8 ft away and not putting pressure …my 4 yr old daughter could do this

  6. anxiety watching this video

  7. My boyfriend broke up with me 😢😢😢😢😢

  8. The fact he catches a football ball ⚽ with hands made me rage out

  9. The Waffle House Has It's New Host

  10. That’s pain that he ruined good gloves with water

  11. Seeing the color i thought it was a rock!!!lol😅

  12. I'm a professional goalkeeper but I don't even have the money to buy a m glove

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