Football Games that SHOCKED the World -

Football Games that SHOCKED the World

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  1. Arsenal newcastle would be down here if the video maker had a memory that went back 10 years or more. Every video is 2010 or later. You need to change your source.

  2. Just here to inform it's okay to call it soccer.

  3. React to ava addams extreme moments…..u will be shocked

  4. 7:52 he is talking about the fact that they were losing 2-0 then they won 2-4 but that's not the point that makes it 'shocking' it's because Brantford are in the league 1 while Chelsea are in the premier League

  5. Being 8 years old going to the Celtic game idolising messi xavi iniesta and sitting at the corner flag seeing them right in front of my eyes and to best them was breath taking football is more than a game it’s a way of life 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  6. I'm not Messi or Ronaldo person. I'm a Messi AND Ronaldo person. I feel blessed to have lived to watch them them both become two of the best players ever

  7. I don't see the arsenal vs. reading That was an amazing match

  8. You have learnt too much about football to consider yourself an nfl fan

  9. "I didn't see what year it was but, just judging by the names I see for Barcelona, I'm going to assume that it was one of their great years!" (11:05 literally as Messi takes a shot)🤣🤣 kudos for pin pointing that hawk-eye! I agree that this match was definitely from the 21st century. 😂😂 lately you've been on a hilarious streak, and long may it last! p.s. It is just banter!

  10. Side note of Bradford winning, It was the first time Jose had a team conceed 4 goals in a home game. Was a great day to be a Bradford Fan

  11. I watched they whole Barca vs Sevilla game like 5 times

  12. 5:49 typical barca fan reaction……cant stand when other team made a comeback

  13. The Bhoys in the thumbnail 💚🍀🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇵🇸

  14. I went to the Bradford game 😐it was my first ever Chelsea game

  15. Im a bradford fan and we where 2 leagues below when we beat Chelsea

  16. Celtic v barcelona game was football manager game come to life


  18. celtic beating a barcalona team that had Xavi, Iniesta, busquets, valdes, dani alves.. sanchez and pedro and a messi that scored 91 goals that year… unbelievable.. and in the first game we almost beat them again.. but they scored in the 90th min

  19. This is the first video I've seen on your channel and i subscribed. Your reaction to the stats in Celtic v Barca😂😂👌🍀 what a moment to be a celtic fan haha

  20. Leeds v aston villa, bielsa allows them to score

  21. wrong wrong wrong, huntelaar is no goal scoring legend ..

  22. Only watching, or hearing the name of him.. the Boogeyman.. Ramires.. shivers that crap gives me nightmares..

  23. Went to a school not that far from Celtic park and I remember hearing a lot of people talk about Tony watt the day after that UCL game.

  24. when its 2-0 u feel like u have a safe lead but when they score to make it 2-1 it suddenly doesnt and ur on the ropes

  25. just because you are a messi person i wont subscribe you 🙂

  26. Never seen so much possession in football match… 89 is insane

  27. Who else notice real Madrid fan celebrating when Sevilla scored 5:14

  28. surprised i didnt see Manchester City vs Lech Poznań (3-3)

  29. 5:08 goal scorer is Jose Reyes who sadly died in a car crash on the same day of the CL final 2019

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