Football Games that SHOCKED the World -

Football Games that SHOCKED the World

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Some matches with spectacular or unexpected results. No one did see these results coming. Everyone was shocked by these results. Which is your favorite? Which game is not featured but did really shock you? Let me know!
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  1. Barcelona cheated…2 dives offside last goal and own goal…yeah impossible

  2. Whoever load this video got a short memory or do not know about soccer history. Where is Maracanazo? That shocked everyone in the world

  3. You could add some south american shocking games, like River-Belgrano when river descended… I mean, because europe is not the only football playing continent since you talk world scale

  4. To be fair to PSG the match vs Barça they had the ref against them

  5. What about Korea Germany when Korea knocked out Germany in the group stage of the world cup

  6. Where is manunited humilation by mancity

  7. Wrong title for the PSG match, it should be

    PSG vs Uefalona

  8. Glad i was there for most of them

  9. I'm here to peacefully protest. why doesnt vanemas like arsenal?

  10. Half of the goals are luiz fault he no energy

  11. there's actually so much wrong in that "historic" comeback from Liverpool for ex:
    no way that is a penalty on gattuso
    dudek came of his line before pirlo took the penalty in the shoot out

  12. 🔥 Congrats to Sergio Ramos on his 100th goal with Real Madrid / Felicidades a Ramos que ha marcado 100 goles con el Real Madrid 💯

  13. 8-2 also game that shocked the world XD

  14. The most biggest 2-8 forever:

    1. Arsenal vs Manchester united
    2. You know what i mean….

    Barcelona vs Bayern Munich 😂😂

  15. barcelona can only win from unfair refereeing

  16. The penalty shoot out with Milan vs Liverpool wouldn’t be allowed because of the keeper coming of his line too early

  17. I still STILL love the dismantling of that overrated-ref helped Brazil Team.
    Wasn’t shocking they lost just the scoreline was a shock

  18. Just before Ajax beat Real Madrid 1-4

  19. Pertandingan yang paling aku ingat selalau antara brazil vs germany,cz dimana orang2 kebanyakan mendukung brazil.dan gak ada yang mengira akhir pertandinganya siapa yang bakalan menang,dan akhirnya negara germany yang menang.karena dari dulu aku suka negara germany.🙏

  20. Imagine being part of the Brazilian team that lost to Germany In Brazil. You can’t even sleep well that night 😭

  21. the miracle of Istanbul is always a goat game

  22. I get people say Barca vs PSG should've only been 5-1 because of Suarez dive but you have to admit the referee was Behind everyone else and from that angle it did look like Suarez was pushed but I can get why some people are still mad and say "if only VAR was there"

  23. If brazil won against germany they would have played against argentina

  24. Served sweet. The small boy of Brazil cried that day. And today in after Germany kicked out of euro , the small German girl also cried. Served cold revenge.

  25. In fairness. Pirlos penalty should have been re-taken. Keeper was miles off the line.

  26. I can not forget the lost of Brazil by Germany with 7-1.

  27. Reading 5-7 arsenal huge comeback from arsenal being 4-0 down then winning 7-5

  28. brazil vs germany 2014 was fixed. brazil vs france 1998 was fixed. the football team that you can buy easily is brazil. I appologize if there is any brazilian in comment section but it is true.

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