Football Matches That Shocked The World #2 -

Football Matches That Shocked The World #2

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Football games that shocked the world! Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Milan, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and more in video!

🎶 Whitesand – Astronauts
🎶Infraction – Cold Harbour
🎶Infraction – Beyond Horizon
🎶Infraction – The Journey

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  1. iyi iş çıkarmışşsın admin sana nasıl ulaşabilirim ?

  2. Месси сколько же тебя в тот матч ранили но ты до сих пор на 1волне с ними😇

  3. Ai mà là fan messi là xem trận này là hơi bị buồn

  4. اكثرتم يا هذا الهذا خلقنا ام بهذا امرنا توبوا وارجعوا افيقوا الامر آت ليلزمن كل منكم خاصة نفسه عله ينجو

  5. Hey guys,
    i have a question: i want to start a YouTube channel but i don’t have money for expensive subscriptions because i am a total rookie. I already know sites like pixabay, videezy or pexel and so on… But i don’t want boring stock footage, i want to create football, basketball, boxing…. videos. Videos like “10 best goals in WorldCup 2014” , “fastest KO’s in mma/boxing” or something like that but i really don’t know where to get the video footage for that, or where and how do the other channels get them?
    I hope u understood my question 🙂
    I would really appreciate a response.

  6. Милан Ливерпуль. Мне 15 лет болел за Милан но после матча очень сильно зауважал ребят с Ливерпуля бились как львы! Спасибо за ностальгию, это был самая лучшая игра !

  7. Liverpool it's most Epic comeback ever i seen

  8. w chuj wstrząsnęły światem, gospodarka upadła, państwa przestały istnieć, szok, tragedia.

  9. Que feo que relatan los españoles por dios

  10. Milan – Liverpool Non penalty,gerrard dive

  11. i watched live Ac Milan-Liverpool … good times

  12. Cristiano se enoja y falla una enfrente de la portería AJAJ

  13. Make normal videos like normal matches with no edits… edits suck on these type of videos… like anyways

  14. 手前のセルジロベルトのとこからうつさなきゃ

  15. I Love You Leo!
    The Whole Of Barcelona Misses You.

  16. Bayern Munich to Lewandovski: so how many goal do you want to score today.

    Lewandovski: yes.

  17. Y el tercer gol del liverpool no fue penal .-.

  18. i feel bad for qpr they are now 4th in the second division

  19. Bu kanal türk mü taraftar kanalı yazıyor çünkü

  20. Robert Lewandowski woke up and chose Dangerous Violence that day
    Within span of 9 mins je destroyed opponents completely

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  22. Liverpool is a really good team.
    Liverpool is a really good team because whenever there is a difficult game or a big game, they always cheer up and lead the game to victory…👏👏👏

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