Football Matches That SHOCKED The World -

Football Matches That SHOCKED The World

Sir Alex
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In this video you will see dramatic matches, great comebacks and shocking games in football. Dramatic match was between Bayern Munich and Juventus 4-2 in Champions League, Bayern won in extra-time. Also great and shocking game was Real Madrid vs Schalke 3-4, Klaas Huntelaar scored 2 goals against his former club. Manchester United vs Manchester City 4-3 was the BEST derby in the history. The game was very tensed and dramatic. Michael Owen scored 96th last minute game winner goal for Man United. Sir Alex Ferguson was the happiest man in that moment. Watford vs Liverpool 3-0 was very unexpected and shocking match in this Premier League season. Liverpool lost 1st EPL match in 2019-2020 season. Villarreal vs Barcelona 4-4 was the most insane game of the last period. Leo Messi and Luis Suarez scored last minute winner goals. See other games in the video. STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE! Thanks for Watching, please SUBSCRIBE.


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  1. In Thumbnail….. Its FCB Vs Juv but players are of bayern and juventus
    FCB is barca on bayern

  2. Is in 2009-2010 season not in 2008-2009

  3. The 1st one was not a comeback

  4. Barcelona 👑👑👑 👑👑 💪💪💪💪💪

  5. The manchester derby was 09/10 not 08/09

  6. how man ibrahimovic have 0 cl titles but he played there 2008/2009 when barca won cl?

  7. this video proof that ronaldo is noob

  8. Rostov 3-2 Bayern Munich, group stage, UCL 13/14

  9. the first match between city & united was not at 2008 2009

  10. City vs United Refree robbed the game 12 vs 11 is hard for city… United gave refree some money to be in their team 🤧🥱

  11. First of all the thumbnail says Barcelona but that’s Bayern.

  12. What about the Germany-Sweden game in 2012? Germany leading 4-0 with 30 min left, and sweden made the comeback to 4-4

  13. Only FC BAYERN have this super power to make a comeback 🇩🇪

  14. Ah yes, Thomas Müller, the greatest Barca player ever.

  15. I really like Leroy Sane he his my favourite player.

  16. Huntelaar is so underrated he had an amazing career

  17. I think american commentators should just commentate on american soccer, it doesn't sound right when they're commentating on european football like la liga

  18. Why did jones score against the rival team

  19. Where is psg vs barca. That match shocked whole univers

  20. Now you should add france- switzerland in euro 2020🥺

  21. Look at the picture it won’t go to 100 minutes endless over time so I’m putting thumb down because your lieng

  22. I am madridista and also GGMU 🔴⚪⚫ I love the header of ramos at the 93rd min it's amazing

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