Football Matches That Shocked The World -

Football Matches That Shocked The World

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Football games that shocked the world! Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Liverpool, Brazil, Germany and more in video!

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  1. Esse jogo de Barcelona X PSG foi muito roubado véi kkkk, esse pênalti em Soares, caiu no vento ?

  2. Many irrelevant games of the Premier League, but missing Champions League Bayern Munich – Tottenham 10:2 on agg..

  3. bar vs psg was a robbery … suarez is an oscar winning actor

  4. The Barcelona game shocked the world as it was such a blatant fix.

  5. bayrenden 8 yedikleri gün messi ile barçanın yolları ayrıldı.

  6. Tres penales le regalaron al farsa cualquier árbitro de verdad no lo hubiera cobrado

  7. What about Leicester 9-0 Southampton and Manchester Utd 9-0 Southampton?

  8. Dónde está Leo Messi???… Leo Messi dónde está??? 🎶🎶🎶🎶😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  9. The pink jason phylogentically attempt because downtown fundamentally exercise under a harsh fan. disagreeable, aromatic cement

  10. Bayern Munich literally just turned the champions league into a farmer's league that season 🔥🔥

  11. and today, the Sheriff beating Real Madrid 🤠

  12. you forgot the match of MU and Bayern Munich in 1999

  13. O 7×1 ja era previsto antes da copa, lixo aquela seleção

  14. 저때의 손,케인 조합 다시 보고싶다..리그에서 둘이 딱 3골만 더 합작해라제발..겨울이적시장 오기전에..너무 보고싶다..

  15. Messi+Neymar Jr= 10-0 😂

  16. Vi siete dimenticati la rimonta stellare del Liverpool contro il barça

  17. That 5-1 hits MU so hard that they changed manager multiple times during the match.

  18. Laziest Brazil defense in history. They deserved those tears.

  19. i like how the brazilian fans already cried at the 2:0 for germany.

  20. No Iniesta no Xavi….Barca and Messi no party…

  21. Pengen ketawa…pemain terbaik di dunia mana ini woe…sama Munchen kalah Mulu…ktnya pemain terbaik…

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