Football Nation VR Tournament | PSVR | Review + Giveaway -

Football Nation VR Tournament | PSVR | Review + Giveaway

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VRFC has received a few updates since launch including a name change and it is much better for it! I have 3 EU codes to give away for the game so leave a comment below and you are entered to win!!!

INTRO/OUTRO TRACK courtesy of Marc-André Yelle


  1. There is headmaster and other attempts at football games but this is the first person on the field game. In a few years with bugs and graphic improvements it could be the way the new generation wants to play Fifa/football games

  2. Which one is better… this or VRFC ? Nice Video btw:D

  3. Great review – please enter me for the code – EU account user 🤣

  4. Nice timing with the world cup, thanks for the giveaway

  5. You are super busy this week huh!!! Keep them review coming they are really helpful. Would love to win a code for this.

  6. Great game but I need friends that play. My psn is JustinPerrotta

  7. I really want to try this out. Love 2md vr football. Great review as always. Thanks for the give away.

  8. Thank you for the giveaway, this looks very good

  9. great in-depth review thanks for giving us the chance to win it.

  10. New subscriber here! Was looking for some quality VR content and just want to say you might be the best I've found! Thanks for your work 😀 Been wanting a good football game for VR too, although I'm sure I'd be terrible at first

  11. Please please give it to MEEEE thank you anyways if you don't

  12. wtf with a ball? so fucking huge like a watermelon

  13. First time in my psvr history I almost puked playing a game. After the update the running in this game is a mess for your brain.

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