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(Full game) Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

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Credit to Fox NFL news for this game.
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  1. Please can you put the dates on these games to make them easier for us to determine when these games were played.I appreciate you 😊😊putting the games on you-tube, I like that very much.

  2. I need this money NFL pley. Money 🤑 come on Heather wright 3 come on 🎉

  3. What a game. Jefferson is just incredible. I'm going to miss Dalvin Cook too.

  4. I swear the Packers Vikings vice versa games are the most exciting especially with Kevin Burkhart announcing

  5. Vikings and cardinals the last year Vikings have lost to the messed up the goal field 1 point away losing it that be crazy if the Vikings wons that at less the cardinals survival let's go cardinals 👏🐦❤

  6. Yeah the game where apparently Rodgers was the bad guy because he didn't take a COVID Vaccine, so when he lost, the world rejoiced. God, the Packers are the most hated team in the league, it's pathetic. There are 31 other teams to hate people, you can hate Green Bay if you wish, but they aren't and shouldn't be the only ones you hate.

  7. Can you please do the bills at Chiefs playoff overtime game

  8. Being a Packers fan seeing a loss sucks, BUT when it's not just a loss, but a loss to a NFC Central, oops North opponent, it sucks more, BUT IF IT'S AGAINST THE VIKINGS OR THE BEARS? AAARGH! I'm joking, but the losses do suck. However major RESPECT to the Vikings,🐻Bears, &🦁Lions.So please Lions, Bears, and Vikes fans DON'T freak out. The NFC North or Central back in the day has ALWAYS been a brutal division. The black & blue division. Now the AFC North is also a brutal division. All of the divisions have a rivalry of some kind, but the NFC North, oooh they got the biggies! Bears vs. Packers, Vikings vs. Packers, Lions vs. Packers. Bears vs. Vikings. Bears vs. Lions. Lions vs. Bears. And Lions vs. Vikings. Every single games these teams play against each other is always a battlefield! Bears-Packers is like a war. Packers-Vikings same thing. Every game is brutal, exciting, and records are irrelevant when these teams meet. A 1-7 Vikings, or a 2-8 Packers, or even a 0-10 Lions🦁team are very dangerous. That one reason why the North Division in the NFC is so damn popular and exciting! They ALWAYS give you 150% and fight like there's no tomorrow. It's a BLAST!

  9. Can I just this was a proper good Battle between these 2 teams in the NFC North Division.

    This game was absolutely extraordinary. Over 60 Points Combined in that game.

    Hopefully we'll have more of the same in your next upcoming Full game Videos in the 2021 – 22 Season and this Season 2022-23 Season.

    I'm so looking forward to this season of the NFL and I think it's gonna be another Extraordinary Season.

    Really good games and Game of the Year Contenders.

  10. I remember one of my friends who’s a ravens fan laughed at me after the packers lost this game and my response to him was this is the packers Vikings rivalry. This is the one team in the nfc north that gives us a fight. I told my friend that the packers always split the season season with the Vikings

  11. game winning field goal ragereek almarnio nicholson

  12. I’m new to football, is interceptions when the guy tackles the quarterback with ball ?

  13. The refs basically did everything they could to have the Vikings win

  14. I was thereeeeee!!! Omggg my first nfl game. Such a great experience as a Viking fan. Was actually sitting next to a very nice packer fan who afterwards said “wow this is the best game I’ve seen live” was such a blast to see Jefferson go insane

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