(Full Game) NFL 2021-2022 Season - AFC Championship: Bengals @ Chiefs - ishmargames.com

(Full Game) NFL 2021-2022 Season – AFC Championship: Bengals @ Chiefs

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  1. Unbelievable how the Bengals won this game,

  2. Damn I forgot how bad it looked for the Bengals early on

  3. OT: Mahomes first bad pass: “That wasn’t his fault because Hendrickson forced him to throw the ball high.” It still would’ve been his fault if he had thrown an INT. He should’ve thrown it out of bounds.

    Mahomes second bad pass: “Robinson doesn’t get his head around!” I admit he still says, “Mahomes threw the ball behind.” But they still tried to pin it on his teammate right away. 

    When are we going to realize that these Superstars aren’t perfect and they’re going to make mistakes. Instead of pretending like these players do no wrong we should hold them to their mistakes. That way they will still continue to work hard and ACTUALLY get better. 

    As soon as we started proclaiming Mahomes will be the greatest when it’s all said and done he started declining. I wouldn’t be surprised if his work ethic took a slight hit because we already said he’s top 5 QB of all time

  4. Chase's dad at the end "I'm damn proud of you!" Thats every sons dream is to hear those words from their father.

  5. Everyone knows Mixon fumbled the ball on that 3rd down in OT. Of course though Bengals were sucking refs cocks and they won.

  6. That's fine Rams made Bengals their bitch. Happiest day of my life

  7. This was horrible to watch as a Chiefs fan knowing Bengals sucked cocks to get that far

  8. Went to see my bengals vs raiders. Took 6 planes there and back from california. It was amazing. Also went to the superbowl. It was crushing. but so proud of them. WHO DEY!

  9. somehow fitting that tyreek hill's last play as a chief is a deep ball from mahomes that hit hill in the hands and was intercepted

  10. Chifes blew it like falcons Patriots superbowl

  11. Joe burrow is not a afraid of a coin toss like Josh Allen😂

  12. What else can you do as a kicked cuz what i see like they barely get played apart from kicking

  13. How do you guys enjoy this spórt there so many stops like wtf no constant action.

  14. Mahomes got sacked more times than joe burrow💀

  15. Tony Romo is the most insufferable commentator ever.

  16. KC went from YEAH!!!! Yo oh shit we might not go🫠

  17. Average nfl fans don’t realize how good jerrick McKinnon is

  18. You're a fucking God for uploading this bless you

  19. This is the best win since the super bowls vs the 49ers for the bengals.

  20. :))))))))))))) gay??????)))))))))))))))

  21. Very happy for the Bengals. And I think a lot of people were happy to see someone other than the Chiefs finally win the AFC. It could come down to these two teams in 2022 if Josh Allen is hurt.

  22. aku numpang nonton.
    soalnya di Indonesia gk ada

  23. Let's see how many Cincinnati fans really believe they won this game really?????

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