(Full Game) NFL 2021-2022 Season - AFC Divisional: Bengals @ Titans - ishmargames.com

(Full Game) NFL 2021-2022 Season – AFC Divisional: Bengals @ Titans

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  1. For the early watchers, I was a little late yesterday so I'll try to have Sunday's divisional games out tmrw, but if they aren't, then they got copyrighted.

  2. Titans have both julio jones and Henry and lost ??

  3. Man you are a king for posting these games! 🤴

  4. Burrow topped this game course Tannehill ***tted himself

  5. This was a great hard fought awesome game.

  6. Lord as a Bengals fan this game was hard to watch. Seeing Burrow get hit so much but I already knew their dline was the top in the league. I couldn't believe Burrow handled that like nothing ever happened to him and kept going. Not being a Homer but he is something special

  7. 2021-22 season was some of the best, consistently great football season Ive witnessed. Thanks SawMan

  8. And thanks to NFL for allowing all this. Only goes to better the game

  9. I love how Henry just fell down when he felt contact on his ankle and didn't even try to reach for the goalline on the pointless and unjustifiable 2 point conversion attempt in the first half. NFL is the new WWE. Scripted bullshit

  10. Still say that wasn’t an INT in the 3rd quarter that Tennessee got. Lol

  11. Funny how Ian said tennessee didn't turn the ball over the final 3 games of the regular season then the first play of the game

  12. Tannehill got his multimillion$ contract. So now he's gotta do whatever the NFL says.. 😂🤔

  13. Do you have BUF @ KC AFC Divisional 2021-22?

  14. I remember when the bangles played the titans in 2017

  15. huge bengals fan here, I appreciate you posting the games!

  16. Keep posting full games.. this is gold. Thank you so much.

  17. I had to watch this again going into a new season! Still “Why Not Us”!! #WhoDey 🧡🖤🧡🖤

  18. Who Dey!! Good looking out Ahch ✊🏿

  19. Not sure how if you’re Jon Robinson, you don’t even make an attempt to make a legitimate offer for AJ Brown. That move, by far, will set the Titans back at least 5 years. The fuckin guy had a 1 handed TD grab.

  20. Do you have the chiefs and bills game from the divisional game of 2021

  21. What a game! I saw it on a French channel last saturday. Enjoy it🏈

  22. excellent cut. fantastic channel! thank you 🙂

  23. I missed this game over the weekend so going to see what i missed. First 2 offensive plays: Tannehill interception and Burrow sack 😅

  24. Both sides played like they didn't want to win.

  25. Both sides played like they didn't want to win.

  26. Thanks man we love you for posting full games!

  27. Thank you HackzSaw for posting these games. I'm watching this game on April 1st 2022. You can enjoy football anytime you want thanks to games posted on YouTube.

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