(Full Game) NFL 2021-2022 Season - NFC Divisional: 49ers @ Packers - ishmargames.com

(Full Game) NFL 2021-2022 Season – NFC Divisional: 49ers @ Packers

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  1. For the early watchers, I was a little late yesterday so I'll try to have Sunday's divisional games out tmrw, but if they aren't, then they got copyrighted.

  2. When everything go’s wrong and you still win

  3. I'm 49ers here in Brazil thanks for posting the leaderboard game@🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. Will you put the rams vs buccaneers up on YouTube and thank you

  5. Respect bro 😎, thank you for these highlights

  6. My boy you is the best keep it going 💪💪💯💯💯

  7. Joe and aikman called it out comes down to special team did they already knew who was gonna win i wonder

  8. upload the match of the Chiefs vs Bills

  9. missed this one at work, thanks for the upload 👍

  10. Thanks a lot for the game, BRO!!! Are we ever gonna get the COWBOYS vs 49ers wildcard game?

  11. Thanks a thousand!!!You're the BEST!!

  12. In those conditions… Certainly an unexpected result. Good tense game though.

  13. Bills @ Chiefs upload will be great I’ve been using this channel to catch up on all the games I’ve missed and sadly I missed that game 😞

  14. 32:33 Somebody explain to me what Green Bay #13 did wrong? Surely he was reacting to the movement of the defense – no?

  15. yo bro do u have the rams vs 49ers nfc championship

  16. Will we get lucky enough to get last weekend games ? The semi final ? Nevertheless, thanks a lot for those videos. Only way we can watch in europe.

  17. This was actually my favorite game from this years playoffs. I love defensive battles

  18. Rams go hot rn 🥵 who y’all think gonna win that super bowl? If bengals corner backs keep blocking Beckham then is gonna be a bit difficult for rams

  19. Wow! the announcers predicted the outcome of the game before the first snap. Amazing lol

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