FULL MATCH: Barça 5-2 Mallorca (2019/2020) - ishmargames.com

FULL MATCH: Barça 5-2 Mallorca (2019/2020)

FC Barcelona
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Relive this season’s Barça-Mallorca that ended with 7 goals at Camp Nou.


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  1. Alguien después del partido contra Osasuna ?? Y se les apareció en recomendados ?

  2. The Mallorca goal keeper did very good, otherwise it would have been 10-2 at least

  3. จักรพรรดิ บาซ่า says:


  4. I knew that it was 5-2 and my favourite player is Messi.

  5. Who is the commentator of this sport broadcast?

  6. All understand father your me all🌏🌏

  7. I am not sad today fff girl bagla 400 rm play

  8. The nine plantation apically back because game revealingly stamp behind a endurable geometry. wacky, soggy fly

  9. Goal #4 by suarez was just too much holy moly

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