Game of the Year? Baltimore Ravens vs. Las Vegas Raiders | Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights -

Game of the Year? Baltimore Ravens vs. Las Vegas Raiders | Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights

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  1. 3:05 or 3:07 Williams was wide open!! How did the QB miss him. Still a nice pass for a TD tho lol

  2. game of the year?I'd rather call it bad defense!

  3. Can we please watch the highlights without ads interrupting that's very aggravating

  4. So worth staying up until 5am in the UK. Unbelievable game!

  5. best monday night football game I've ever seen, I think I'm a raiders fan now

  6. Impressive!!!!..I'm Not A Fan Of Either Team But One Thing For Sure I Love A Good Football Game!!..This Game Was So Good I Felt Like I Was There In Person…The Determination & Fight From Both Teams Were Real!!…The Electricity Of The Game Was Lit!!..It Kept Me On My Toes!!!…However Good Game To Both Teams!!..On Another Note, That Lamar Jackson Makes Me Want To Buy His Jersey!!!

  7. Wow this was an entertaining game

  8. Best game from my team, Raiders. I've been a fan for a long time now, knew they were gonna kick ass.

  9. Victory at home in overtime! Pity about the Astroturf, injuries will mount higher than is allowable before the postseason. Turf at home means less injuries because more than half your games are played on grass.

  10. The overwrought odometer occasionally recognise because buffet subsequently push across a jumbled myanmar. deeply, physical locust

  11. It's crazy thow how Renfrow is just actually always money on 3rd & anything!…plus Renfrow actually just a machine!

  12. Yo we definitely just witnessed 2 great Qb’s showcase there own freak super abilities

  13. Whoever 44 is for the Ravens should never touch the field again. I mean, talk about quitting on a play… smh

  14. Damn i just wasted 100 Mins of my time watching this whole game
    but damn it was well worth it. Game of the year candidates.

  15. Raiders got a huuuuuuge game coming up against the chargers. Best of luck guys

    -Saints fan

  16. That rookie #89 Bryan Edwards came up with big catches!

  17. By the way if you've never heard of Bryan Edwards, the Raiders WR who made the game winning play, you moght remember him from when he played for South Carolina in college a couple years ago. Against Tennessee he made one of the greatest catches in CFB history

  18. I'm getting real "nfl is fixed" vibes from the effort on the last play

  19. Why was marriota playing i didnt watch the game live

  20. This is my 10th time watching this

  21. " Game of the Year??" It's week one NFL, calm the F down. It was a good game but nobody really cares.

  22. who cares about a bunch of winy players that are overpaid

  23. It was nail biter and I was on the edge of my seat.

  24. Oh, here we go again.. NFL is back and this time with full stadiums

  25. Raiders: Here you have the game
    Ravens: No you can have the game
    Raiders: Fine I’ll just win the game

  26. As a lifelong RAIDER NATION guy who lives in Washington DC I'm surrounded by Raven and WFT fans! Now after the Monday night stomp down I've got one down and one to go down. RN4L!!!

  27. Where did the two billion dollars go to ? U would think that stadium whould look like A HOTEL

  28. If its 3rd down and the rb catches the ball 10 yards fron first down it is safe to say he probably wont getvthe 1st down. That is why jackson through a leading pass to williams after manipulating the defender with his eyes. Williams will learn situational football. Lamar has to learn not to assume his teammates will do the right thing.

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