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During the 2022 national championship college football game between Alabama and Georgia, Georgia’s Kelee Ringo came up with the game sealing 79 yard pick six to give Georgia a 33-18 lead.

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  1. Couldn’t care less about college football, but it’s a great day to see Bama lose.

  2. best national championship game of all times

  3. What other Georgia fan keeps coming here watching this over and over again? 😃

  4. So, how many times have y’all watched this? I’m on 20 right now. Go Dawgs!

  5. What kind of quarterback throws into double coverage? Answer – a dumb one.

  6. The receiver that was behind number five had him beat, all Bryce young had to do is catch him in stride and that game is tied up. Just an underthrown ball.

  7. An early highlight of this Auburn fan’s year.

  8. #47 Took it!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  9. I live in the state of Alabama, I'm embarrassed to say, and I'm am so glad that I don't have to listen to that roll tide shit no more. I hate this state.

  10. Georgia freshman players kicked the almighty Crimson Tides ass!!!

  11. Who said Young didn't have a good receiver to throw to

  12. Chris Fowler is a virtuoso as a game caller. Calm and colorful in the big moments. Poetic and precise throughout. Never cliché. Always delivering a good turn of phrase. A rare tone of equanimity in a tribal world.

  13. It was great to see the tide get beat.especially for the national championship!!

  14. Something about dejected Bama fans gives me the the happy tinglys.

  15. That blonde Bama fan that knows her team is about to get beat after Ringo ran that pick back….is HOT !!!

  16. Exactly what should of also happened in 2018

  17. Just like AL killed UF in the '93 SEC Championship game.
    Good game GA.

  18. And Ohio State fans everywhere are probably still saying they should have gotten into the playoffs.

  19. That Pick-Six that Ringo made was unbelievable!!! Let's go Dawgs!!! Sic em!!! I 🖤 UGA football!!! 2021 defending champions!!! That was beautiful!!!

  20. From a Utah Utes fan, nice job Georgia! Suck it Bama!

  21. I can't help but wonder: what %age of the people watching this game were pulling for Georgia?

  22. “I can’t imagine what is happening in Georgia and all across the country in Bulldog nation.”, the announcer says.

    Bulldog nation: 🥳😭😱😳🥳🤩🤧☝️👍 🙏🏻🥳😘🤣😊❤️😍🥰💋🤣🤩😢😭🤯😎🤧🎉 #1 in the 🇺🇸

  23. Dan Jackson 47 – Willing to Sacrifice Everything, for Six!!!!! As a Longtime Dawg, I was honestly shocked, I didn’t see any flags!!!!! 😆 GO DAWGS ( Yes, I keep watching this Over & Over! 😉 )

  24. I was there. Place went bananas. What a night! Dawgs on top!

  25. Whole country was tired of Bama. (and their refs)

  26. I have watched this a million times since Monday… I am so happy for Georgia!🎊🎉🤘🏿💪🏿 But I did feel a little sorry for Brice Young… It broke my heart cause I know he felt like he let his team down! I truly wanted to hug him in the end😞

  27. What was going on in Bulldawgnation? We were screaming our heads off in living rooms everywhere! Go you big Dawgs!

  28. Alabama or Auburn have played in 11 or the most recent 13 national championship games. Just move the game to Birmingham.

  29. I hope we beat bama in sec and natty next year GO DAWGS!!!!

  30. One of my coworkers is a bama fan, and I make it a point to watch this video with the volume up every day at break time 😎

  31. I haven't seen bama fans this mad since Walmart put sudifed behind the counter

  32. Go Bulldogs. So glad they beat Bama. Yeaaa

  33. How awesome was that when Kirby helped Young up! Nothing but pure respect for him!

  34. Get down! Get down Get Down! Nevermind, TOUCHDOWN!

  35. This was revenge over a decade in the making. The fact that Georgia sacked the Heisman QB on the very last play was the icing on the cake!

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