Georgia vs Auburn Full Game HD | College Football Week 5 | NCAAF 10/3/2020 -

Georgia vs Auburn Full Game HD | College Football Week 5 | NCAAF 10/3/2020

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Georgia Bulldogs vs Auburn Tigers Full Game HD | College Football Week 5 | NCAAF 10/3/2020


  1. Herbstreit – you opened you mouth and said it will be a close game. I'm sure you picked Auburn. Please concentrate
    more on calling the game properly; get the plays right and the name of the players. Do you job a bit better!!

  2. You put Mathis in and all he does is hand the ball off?! Smh Georgia. Looks just like Justin Fields

  3. I'm reporting this video. We don't need to see this.

  4. BO daddy needs to teach him how to ZOOM He was lost as a Billy Goat in a Hail Storm!

  5. If we play like this all year, we might just have a 5 lose season. The lines got dominated

  6. Ya'll be nice to Auburn. After all, they are working with a handicap. Their offensive coordinator and QB coach is Chad Morris and we all got to see how well he did with Arkansas. 4 whole wins in 2 yrs. and no SEC wins. He's definitely not SEC capable.

  7. Really appreciate this game but playback is jerky when there's movement, especially with long throws and runs, kicks etc. Would it be possible to rectify this with future games? Thanks in advance.

  8. It sure looks like more than 20K fans in the stadium you UGA cheaters. Anyway to get an edge you cheaters huh?

  9. Go Dawgs sic n destroy woof woof woof

  10. GA had a impressive win, dominating. You could tell they were the better team physically. From a football perspective Auburn left a few plays out there, their receivers drop some balls and Bo missed a few throws as well.

  11. On a scale of James Blackman to Spencer rattler where you place bo nix on a scale of trash QBs

  12. BO Nix well overrated, born to play the position, bs. But his color will grant him a pass to the nfl.

  13. Kirt, Bo at the next level, have you been watching bo play since a freshman, kirt all white quarterbacks does not belong in the nfl.

  14. Ben Cleveland is not new, he's been a part-time starter since 2018.

  15. I can't see why Bo Nix gets all this pub

  16. At the 26:39 mark, there's an appalling lack of Social Distancing and noone wearing a mask. How deplorable.

  17. Again at the 1:23:08 mark, a lack of "Social Distancing" and maybe 1 or 2 people wearing a mask. Disgusting.

  18. If Georgia want to suppress the black vote, black athletes should not represent their college's boycott the Bulldogs and Hornets

  19. “Beat the dog crap out of them”. And then Malzhan never beat us again. Chump.

  20. Why was Swift on the thumbnail. He Plays for the Lions

  21. Bro wtf was Landers doing on that deep ball before the end of the 1st half???

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