Giants vs. Washington Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Giants vs. Washington Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. The red skins need to work on thier defense a little better but great game by new york

  2. As a fan since 1973 I bailed on this team when cousins left and they cowered to woke culture.
    But looking at these highlights it’s apparent their corners and safety’s blow.
    Teams not going anywhere but at least they have a QB and a running back now.

  3. Good game. About time America get's our Game back!

  4. Already saw game come on here watching highlights heart still pounding like im worried if skins gonna win or not…damn i love me some WFT…lets go..

  5. Can we just appreciate how good Graham Gano is? MVP of the game for them

  6. That Washington secondary was abysmal this game😂💀

  7. Vanilla Vick is faster than I thought. Landon Collins couldn't even catch him.

  8. first of all if your a coach in the NFL every sunday even the worst teams down a FG go down and make it after the INT U HAVE TOO GO FOR A TD PLAY ACTION,DANIALS IN A ROLL NOT 2 PLAYS UP THE MIDDLE SETTING UP FOR A FG PLAYING SCARED LAWENCE,SLAYTON AND PLAY CALLING LOST THIS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 😳NY GIANTS didn't burn the clock 2:25. They didn't even try to get a first down. And ended up giving WASHINGTON a chance. 2 plays TOUCHDOWN. GREAT NFC DIVISION GAME. AWSOME Back 2 back TNF games🤓👏👏👏👏🙌

  10. This is what it’s like to watch cpu vs cpu in real life.

  11. Only week 2 and we have like 5 games for game of the year. Wow!!

  12. i like how the giants first scored and all the refs were like 🧍🏽‍♂️🧍🏽‍♂️🧍🏽‍♂️ until they finally called it a touchdown 😭😭

  13. Heinickle got up after that first sack with determination he knew he was gonna win. This man is different y’all Washington fans are in good hands w him.

  14. Slayton… Butterfingers at the worst time. Not really… better here than in the Super Bowl.

  15. Soooo was I the only one who thought that Heinicke was trying to get his receivers killed with all the high/always slightly off-target passes?

  16. The old saying Washington tasted the thrill of victory while the New York Giants tasted the agony of defeat either team could have lost this game but there was only one winner and for Taylor heinecke Washington has just found its quarterback ?

  17. I wish people would stop watching this race baiting, woke garbage. Enough people stop supporting and it will be fixed or a new league will be made. Too many zombies who care more about entertainment than people being brainwashed to hate. Please wake up.

  18. I like this Taylor Heinicke Guy i hope turns out to be a stud but seriously how has it been over year and the Washington owner is still being such a hard ass about the name change that he rather let his team look bland & have no identity even with all the badass suggestions that were brought up such as Red Wolves or Red Tails 🤦🏽‍♂️ at this point its kinda like he's saying "if my team cant be called Redskins, they won't be called anything so f you" NFL needs to kick this guy in the ass already, would love to see Washington dawn a new look with Heinicke at the helm

  19. Dude holdin on 18? The giants got robbed not going to lie

  20. As a Panthers fan, I hate we got rid of Gano. We have no kicker now

  21. How embarrassing, "The Washington football team" this team gave away their soul, their name, because it triggered a few
    dumb people who also has no soul.

  22. As a 30 year old Washington fan who’s had season tix for 17 years this is easily one of the best games I’ve seen. Also prayers to Nick Gates that he has a full and speedy recovery. Rivalry or not you never wanna see someone get hurt, especially to that extent.

  23. No way in a million years was a TNF game in week 2 between WFT and the Giants supposed to be trending top 5 worldwide! We are truly in the Last Days lol

  24. Either Washington’s defense was bad in this game or Danny Dimes is suddenly a great QB 😂

  25. Not a Giants fan but they should keep Daniel Jones

  26. Why did the giants not use any clock after that pick and then just kick a field goal
    Edit it was 2:16 after the pick and 2:06 when they gave the ball up smh only ten seconds off the game clock horrible clock management

  27. Hypothetically if the Giants didnt go offsides and Washington loses we'd be talking about Heinicke game losing interception. All they had to do was sit on the ball run out the clock. Now Heinicke saying "I earned a starting spot"? Give me a break!

  28. Lets be honest Heineken did amazing as his only 2nd ever start. His very special he only needs more playing time so he can get polished. His giving out good vibes.

  29. Good game Washington! 💪🏽 Watching that game definitely gave me anxiety 😅

  30. Subscribe to my channel please I need you ❤😍

  31. I got to say, this season so far has been amazing as the 2018 season was

  32. L I S A T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    So much for the experts telling us how awesome the WFT defense was going to be.

  33. The descriptive white additonally regret because rayon postoperatively escape under a damaged broker. courageous, deserted group

  34. F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ 🔥 says:

    Anyone else low key rooting for WFT this year?

  35. I got to say, this season so far has been amazing as the 2018 season was

  36. No one's going to side step and distract themselves from viewing highlights just to click your ad!
    Stop being desperate!
    It's just highlights
    (Looking elsewhere)

  37. ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel says:

    As a Washington fan, watching the 4th quarter of this game took roughly 20 years off of my lifespan.

  38. We not gonna just run by like chase young wasnt running with someone who runs 4.40

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