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Going to 3 NFL Games in 24 hours

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Today I attempt the impossible yet again, can I make it to 3 NFL games in 24 hours?

Going to 3 NBA Games in 24 Hours

Going to 5 NBA Games in 50 hours

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  1. Please make more of these, they’re so fun to watch

  2. LETS GO JESEE! I’m so happy you went to a Colts game!

  3. “CanI get a picture?” “Absolutely not.”😂

  4. My Tia works for sofi stadium in the parking lot

  5. Bro you need some chapstick…. Lick your lips once in a while, I promise it wont kill you.

  6. The Rams haven't faced the Texans this year yet… hmm…

  7. Can I have style one just put bl1tz on it

  8. I really love this series and can you try doing this for nhl? and preferably with a sens game!

  9. The thumbnail has a patriots jersey instead of a cowboy jersey

  10. Lucas Oil Stadium is NOT 15 minutes from the airport. Lies

  11. My 4th grade teacher actullauy knows hebert jones no cap

  12. Do this in the winter Christmas Eve east saints @ browns then raiders @ Steelers Christmas Day fly to Miami for the packers vs dolphins and boom victory

  13. That cameraman that is still in LA: Atleast it’s warm

  14. posted 3 weeks ago? hmmm It’s funny because the Cowboys don’t play the Chargers at all this season

  15. Jesse been watching since 2017 have an idea, touch every either NFL or NBA court/field in 125 hours

  16. Should’ve gone to the broncos game I went in my Bugatti

  17. Would it make you Jealous if I Performed for a Halftime NFL for Commanders Vs Eagles?
    (For Taekwondo on Sep 25) 🎉

  18. Jesse you gotta go to a Savannah bannanas game

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