Greatest Trick Plays in Football History -

Greatest Trick Plays in Football History

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best trick plays in football of all time

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Please watch: “Greatest Football Playoff Catches”




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  2. Being a Michigan fan, I love this thumb nail.

  3. Damn I forgot Andrew Luck retired. Wow that was fast!!

  4. All that work tracking down these clips and you didn't bother to level the audio..
    El Sloppy

  5. Orta açmaya trick diyolar lan djdjdj türk varmı türk

  6. CFL and NFL needs more fake punts , fake field goals and a whole lot of razzle dazzle

  7. I was at the Dallas vs. Pittsburgh game. Dallas won. Zeke scored a touchdown on the next drive for the win.

  8. 2:03 was interference? Surely they cant smack the guys before they've fielded it?

  9. Not Boise St vs Oklahoma?? One of the best ever!!!

  10. The triple reverse with a pass at the end to a receiver all alone in the end zone in peewee football when I was ten, they humiliated us. I am still scarred and haunted by the memory!

  11. I have no earthly idea what’s going on. But that hole in one was pretty sweet!

  12. fumblerooski? cal-stanford 1976? some of these weren't even trick plays! how to downvote??!!

  13. 1:04 holding, offense, number 75, 10 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down

  14. Pro the people talk they need to chill with there words he said it squirted out of his hands

  15. Can't believe they didn't include the Fumbleroosky from Nebraska!

  16. It should be noted that the Patriots play vs the Ravens was later made illegal. You didn’t show just before the snap where they declaired one of the TE as a un eligible wide receiver making it so the guy on the opposite side was eligible and no time to adjust.
    The Patriots pulled that play 4 times during that game and each time it was successfully executed differently for at least a first down. It also drew a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the Ravens John Harbaugh for protesting it say they shouldn’t be able to do that.

  17. Forgot to show the Philly Special against the Patriots that won the only Philadelphia Super Bowl.

  18. @1:01 – Culpepper could have made the throw if 75 wasn't holding.

  19. That skinny kicker from LSU running for his life is my favorite.

  20. Where’s the Philly special? One of the best trick plays that was in the most dramatic times, end of the Half in the Super Bowl.

  21. Click bait, thumbs down.. didnt show the thumbnail

  22. How did Basket not end up with that ball? That's a career ender.

  23. I stopped watching football when they made the Redskins change their name now I don't care

  24. Don't give a damn about ANYTHING to do with the NFL until they start criticizing the American And Freedom HATERS!! F those SOB's!

  25. It's sweet how they need that padding as protection from getting hurt.

  26. This video is a cheat. Not all plays were trick plays. Worst of all, the line-up on the click-bait image was not included. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  27. This is NOT "Football" this is AMERICAN Football. Do NOT use the name 'Football' on it's own for it. Football is the game you use your FEET and a BALL. Hence Foot-Ball. 97% of the Worlds population and 171 of the worlds 173 Countries consider what USA (wrongly) call 'Soccer' to be FOOTBALL. Because it IS Football. This game is NOT 'Football'. Respect the will of the Majority, as per democracy. Get it right. Grrrr.

  28. I personally feel the hook and lateral by Boise State against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, to tie it up with no time left, was really impressive. Followed by the Statue of Liberty play in overtime… great trick plays. Really memorable game to watch.

  29. The Moss lateral was not a trick play. It was just an improvised action that worked out. A trick play is PLANNED. It is a play that is meant to trick. A lateral is not a trick play, it is a well-known legal throw that a defender should be wary of to be sure. It is not a trick though.

    Edit: Once again, an onside kick is NOT a trick play. It is always a known viable option and defenders are very familiar with that play. I want to see TRICK plays. Not legitimate plays that are done all the time.

  30. Nothing I hate more on YouTube than fake click-bait thumbnails. Where is that button again? Oh, there it is "do not recommend channel"

  31. That last one… You don't see even high school players do that bad!!!

  32. what a boring game, try real sport like rugby

  33. Those are not tricks. But Americans must be happy with what they get apparently.

  34. 90% of the world watches football played with feet, why is this content applicable to me who lives in the Third World. Why do I want to see a bunch of rick Americans in a fitness class. Can you ban your channel from showing up?

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