Guaranteed Rate Bowl: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys | Full Game Highlights -

Guaranteed Rate Bowl: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys | Full Game Highlights

ESPN College Football
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Check out these highlights from the Wisconsin Badgers’ 24-17 victory over the Oklahoma State Cowboys in 2022 Guaranteed Rate Bowl.

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  1. Goooooooooo ❤ badgers ❤😊😊😊😊😊

  2. Oklahoma state losers!!! Yesssss 😊😊😊😊😊😊 🥳

  3. I love The Mullet as a coach, but ON WISCONSIN!

  4. I stopped watching this about 10 seconds in. Can't stand this female announcer. Sick and tired of women invading every single male space.

  5. This female announcer is annoying, omg, go away!

  6. On Wisconsin! On Wisconsin! Grand ol Badger State! That's a great Win for the Badgers.

  7. (9th place Big-10) vs (5th place Big-12) Always fascinating to see how conference's match up. Wisconsin had a huge advantage at the line of scrimmage, both sides

  8. Love listening to Beth , sounds like Reba doing the play by play

  9. Dunn needs to go. Playing catch up the whole game is terrible,time to think about brining I'm Cale

  10. Mans name is Dike. We all know it aint pronounced "DeeKay". Female reporter shoulda grew a pair n kalled it how she seen it. 🤣🌰💪🏽
    Good stuff Wiskonsin.

  11. @ESPN, why was the video such poor quality?

  12. i don't like this sport but i like match

  13. It’s dumb how we can’t get the trophy presentation on ESPN right after the game. It shouldn’t be a channel change just because of the presentation. The rose bowl doesn’t change for the presentation so why should the other bowl games

  14. Either Wiscy is that good,(don't think) or, OSU is that bad(think)

  15. SO now the Little 10 or less, has Baylor losing to Air Force, Oklahoma State losing to Wisconsin, and who else? The question now is will the one time Big Twelve stand or fold ?

  16. Would have loved to be able to see the whole game; started WAY too late.

  17. I wonder what the result would’ve been with both teams at full strength.

    Told y’all TCU ended Gundy’s career and ain’t been the same since

  18. Thank God for mute buttons when there's a female announcer.

  19. Well Luke, that was a classic Badger football game. Get to work.

  20. The woman announcing is horrible! What a joke 😃

  21. What the he'll happened to Oklahoma State football? Started so strong just to go 7-6.

  22. This seemed like one of those bowl games where one team was glad to be there and was motivated to play its best, whereas the other team was not. Regardless of the key players out on injury, OSU didn't help itself with turnovers and fundamental errors.

  23. There was actually some exiting plays during this game. Sucks that the commentating was horrible.

  24. how does Mike Gundy have that hair at his age?

  25. Wonder what the next bowl will be named perhaps the Pickle Bowl

  26. Why are all the players husky male-identifiers with tight pants and disgustingly high testosterone levels? Where are the WOMEN and TRANS-GENDER players? These schools are not WOKE ! SHAME !!!

  27. REALLY don't like women calling football games.

  28. If I had to watch women announcers for Packers games I would genuinely not want to watch it- actually I'm putting it on mute.

  29. Very happy and proud of coach Luke, but I still say OH……..IO!

  30. You had the best Coach you could ever ask for and you let him go for a out of state coach from Where 😂O H I O 😂

  31. Better bring back BARRY for Wisconsin Sports Directer ❤

  32. Graham mertz was worse than ethel mertzs of I Love Lucy

  33. I can't listen to this announcer's voice, I had to turn it off. The voice is annoying. Please ESPN find better announcers, especially for a Big10 vs Big 12 matchup up. A matchup like this deserves better.

  34. This is what Michigan vs TCU will be like. But idk if TCU will catch back up!!

  35. 7:08 buddy was thinking about what he was gonna have for dinner later 😂🍝

  36. They gettin outta hand with these "bowl" names whats next the mac n cheese bowl?

  37. Look up mediocrity in the dictionary, and Coach Gundy's picture is there.

  38. Badgers pretty much push the Cowboys around and won the line play.

  39. Good game Badgers, I got alot of love for the big Ten.

  40. I am a Michigan fan and am excited about Wisconsin hiring Fickell. I believe he one of the coach Top 10-15 coaches in all of CF. He will make Wisconsin a contender again..GUARANTEED! He has taken teams with VERY LITTLE TALENT and made them top 10 teams (even top 5 a few times). I hope his teams don’t beat Michigan B1G is better for having him and so is Wisconsin

  41. Announcers: There is no "e" in Wisconsin. It's not Wes-consin, it's Wisconsin.

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