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High School Football: Frankford vs. North Catholic Thanksgiving Game

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In perhaps the final game for North Catholic, and the final meeting between these two teams, the Falcons came from behind twice in the fourth quarter to pull of the amazing 28-22 victory at Lasalle University.


  1. Thank you for posting this video. I'm a Northeast Catholic alumni 73-76. I miss those good old days.

  2. The North Frankford game was always the best game of the year. In late 60's think we had 5000 attend the game. Game always started early around 9 AM so you would get home in time for moms delicious turkey diner.

  3. I’m sure you probably went to this game Diana. I remember being home for Thanksgiving one year I don’t believe this year and we all went to the Frankfurt I northeast Catholic football game and I came home to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner On the field street.

  4. i was at this game and i cried!:,( im gunna miss going to the annual thanksgiving games!

  5. @Miamimattg13 It's High School you dumb shit.

  6. Ok I see u drob! Lol but im still cheering 4 fkd! Class of 04

  7. I play high school for BOSCO and we won all state championship california and this is the best i seen 

  8. Does anyone know where I can find the words to the Frankford High School fight song

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