Houston Texans vs. Las Vegas Raiders | 2022 Week 7 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Houston Texans vs. Las Vegas Raiders | 2022 Week 7 Game Highlights

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  1. Raider Nation nice game we got this let's keep on winning

  2. Dallas Cowboys Scout Team in da building 🤨😑

  3. Seems Houston has a young star in Pierce and Mills is doing pretty good too. Hopefully they’re able to build on the little bit of talent they have and be a contender again in the future. It’s good to see the Raiders slowly getting things together with the talent they have too and Jacobs is a beast. It’s unfortunate they started the season this way with the high expectations they had and I was actually excited to see them even tho they’re a division rival.. but damn my chargers have been a disappointment too lol. Lastly I always said I thought Carr never gets the credit he deserves. Dude has balled out literally every year even when the raiders had a terrible team and still performed at an elite level and he’s genuinely a good dude.

  4. When McDaniels Feed JJ like this Raiders are tough to beat. Watch out ! ☠🏴‍☠️

  5. Chubb and Jacobs run so hard.
    The texans are bettee, still trash.
    Raiders trying to dig out of that early hole. Good luck..

  6. Got extra 2 tickets for the Las Vegas raiders vs New Orleans Saints
    Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Superdome
    Sun, Oct 30, 12:00pm


  8. The Raiders desperately needed this game all the games they have loss this season has been by six points or less they have loss some very close games this Year.

  9. As a Texan fan we can't get a break with QB BS 🙄

  10. Raiders will not win anything due to al davis karma ,he owed and screwed two citys and a ton of people ,paybacks a mofo uno ? Karma has the raiders by the balls .theyll never win a trophy again.youll see it for your selfs.

  11. Texans fan at 10:39 reaching out like he was gonna get the TD ball but Jacobs gave it to a Raider Fan 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🏴‍☠️

  12. Seeing Josh 📸Jacobs run the way he does
    just makes Las Vegas🍿look so complete.
    I know the Texans played heck of a game
    but watching Carr finds his guys downfield
    was a sight to see. This game was important to Raiders and they went out and handled business. Truth is Mack 🙌Hollins is the real deal for Las Vegas. I do want to give round of applause to Dameon Pierce, Dorsett and Chris Moore though for Houston. Something I respect the most about Texans💪 is they never quit. They fight extremely hard and that should never be ignored. And if Raiders go on a winning streak Id be happy for them. Seeing these highlights really just makes me want to grab my popcorn 🍿and scream with vocal chords. 🗣One of the most exciting matchups
    Ive seen this season from any team.
    Way to pull off victory Raiders. You guys
    did it in complete fashion.

  13. Raiders will never go to a SB, but they won this game and looked good

  14. #28 killed it as always. Loved how #87 protects the ball. Good win!

  15. Silver and Black is back 🏈 just win baby 👍🏿

  16. go raiders. love it when the defense scores.

  17. Phew. That's TWO.
    Let's see what we more can do…..

    M 🦘🏏😎

  18. Let’s go freaking Raiders

  19. Was there, had the time of my life! Hoping to do that again!

  20. Is just me but Carr's needle threading is just on point…

  21. Not trying to be out of line but just imagine if Henry Ruggs was on the Raiders and the young lady and her dog was at home with her family and friends dang

  22. Not trying to be out of line but just imagine if Henry Ruggs was on the Raiders and the young lady and her dog was at home with her family and friends dang

  23. DEAR NFL YOUTUBE CHANNEL'S CREATOR: Many games are not televised nationwide and/or locally so many cannot watch games. Therefore, they come to your channel to watch the highlights and some of us, like to do so WITHOUT knowing the outcome beforehand. That way, it can be a little exciting, especially on the games that are close and/or come down to the last drive. Now, I know you don't have the score on the video's title, but you might as well show it b/c the thumbnail picture you use always gives it away! 🤦‍♂😡

    So, it would be greatly appreciated if you would stop doing that and follow the NBA Channel's format which uses a picture of a player from each team. Or you can simply use their logos if you don't want to do the same. But for the love of excitement, please STOP giving away the outcome with the thumbnail pictures!!!!

  24. Watching Carr play as a Raiders fan must be mad anxiety provoking. This man missing tons of wide open players and struggles to step up in the pocket.

  25. Me being with it and "with it" two different things

  26. Raiders fan from Auckland, New Zealand. lesssssgo!

  27. Jacobs gone be paying a lot of fines😂😂

  28. Josh Jacobs
    20 attempts
    143 rushing yards
    3 rushing touchdowns
    33.5 Fantasy Points!

  29. I'm probably the only Eagles fan that misses Mack Hollins but I do 🥺😭 I miss his dancing ass 😂

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