Houston Texans vs. New York Giants | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Houston Texans vs. New York Giants | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

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  1. Just a year ago this team was doing qb sneaks on 3rd and 9 inside their ten.

  2. If gollady makes his catches game is totally different.
    But I am living these unsung players

  3. I love my Giants but the Detroit Lions are going to beat us next Sunday 33-27. I seen it in a prophetic dream. Daniel Jones has his worse game of the season with 3 turnovers (2INT and a Lost Fumble in the Red Zone from an Aidan Hutchinson strip sack). Saquon Barkley does, however, continue his dominance with 136 rush yards and a TD & 4 receptions for 41 yards and another TD. Also, avoid Slayton in fantasy football if you have him. One more thing.. with 6:29 left during halftime, Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell stands up in the visitor locker room, in the second bathroom stall from the east wall, and at that second he flushes the toilet and it does not take. He leaves it for janitorial. Not a classy move. Good road win by the Lions! We will rebound in Week 12! We're still gonna be 7-3! Go G-Men! 💪

  4. Hopefully we get Bellinger back for Detroit game and Evans back for December games.

  5. A Chosen One by beautiful Father The Most High) says:

    the demonics ( nephilim spirits) helps them make the big plays shore not deceiving me !!! nfl is for the sickos demonic fallen angels shore not deceiving me !!!

  6. Darius Slayton seems to be getting his swag back, and I finally figured out who Saquon reminds me of. Not Barry that's not fair, but a bigger version of Marshall Faulk, movement in tight spaces and excellent in the passing game.

  7. Is this video speeded up seems like everyone is running at super speed

  8. I havent even watched and I know New York will win. You can tell by the thumbnail. Might as well put the score in the thumbnail if you are going to give away the ending.

  9. Gmen are now 2nd in the NFC East, and Philly looks very vulnerable. If the Gmen can beat Philly even just once, looking at the rest of their schedule, they're going to the Playoffs.

  10. I have been a Giants fan forever. I did lise faith in them. I will admit though I.was never big on Eli even though he won. O am also not big on Jones.

  11. Man, I'm lovin' those G Men! Congratulations and thanks for posting. Be safe 🙏

  12. We should’ve won like 31-7. Penalties killed us. Maybe it was the bye, we got too relaxed but win is a win.

  13. The New York Giants has been the big giant killer in 2022 NFL so far.

  14. Can we put a little respect on Slayton name? I always liked him but he was inconsistent. He’s doing his job this year as the #1 WR

  15. and the worst blocker of the year award goes to 7:21 number 83. Wow!

  16. Gmennnnnn 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  17. У Giants отличная O-Line. С такой линией атаки и Джонс (QB) получает время для поиска пасового адресата, и Баркли (RB) получает блоки для проходов на выносе

    У Texans всё могло сложиться удачнее, если бы не фамбл Пирса (RB) в RZ соперника. При этом Пирс всё равно главная движущая сила атаки Texans

    Giants с победой! Красавцы! Забрали очередной близкий матч! В плей-офф такие Giants будут опасны

  18. Why is the opening photo always of the spinning team?!?! It would be nice NOT to know beforehand!

  19. Another game were Davis Mills shows that he can't be our guy

  20. Inside the Squared Circle with King Judah says:

    Texans QB is trash

  21. Idk who #5 is in Houston's secondary but he's not very good… They bullied him all game

  22. It's no fluke that this 2022 NFL season, the New York Giants Football Team has a winning record of 7-2 and much deserving of media attention for the HARD WORK everybody involved has put in from trainers, administrators, coaches, agents, and the players themselves to bring bragging rights to New York City fans – everywhere!

    It won't be long before The Gmen captures top NFC East spot over those bobblehead Eagles!!

  23. New Giants, man. What do you guys think?

  24. Put some respect on Saquon Barkley’s name, bro makes so many plans that go unnoticed. He’s still a generational talent 💯🤝🏾🔥

  25. Texans pretty much beat themselves with the interception deep in Giants territory. They played a great game against a good team.

  26. 8:55 Blake Cashman with the sack and 4th down fist, Ski U Mah

  27. How did the Giants go from hopeless to so good overnight?!

  28. GG by both teams. Don't run Saquon into the ground. Also, week after week Pierce keeps on ballin.

  29. If it wasn’t for our red zone defense we would’ve lost by 6

  30. I woud recommend to the editor to watch the video after editing….

  31. Coach was in the game with the Ray bandz . Reminds me of a high school coach teaching the young boys some .

  32. It's coo to see the giants back on the winning side I jus knew it like I jus knew they was going be good this year Brian dabol is a good dam coach i jus knew it with barkley health oh yea it feel like the old NFL days now 💯

  33. Keep slighting this team.. maybe you'll be facing them in January.

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