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How to prepare for a football/soccer match. Today we discuss how to get ready and prepare yourself optimally for your next football game and what kinds of steps you should take to be ready mentally for your next football match. Being ready on a gameday is essential for footballers as football matches are, in the end, the only times your football skills are really judged and put to test. In this video we interview professional footballers Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid & France) and Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid & Uruguay) to find out how professional footballers prepare for big games aswell as hear thoughts from our host Joltter on how to prepare for a soccer match.

Getting ready for a football game consists of many steps. You need to make sure your nutrition and diet is on point, you drink enough water and stay hydrated aswell as get enough sleep. These key elements should be a part of your everyday life if you have dreams of becoming a professional footballer and being as prepared for games as possible. On top of taking care of rest and diet, there are many other things footballers do to prepare for soccer games. Lots of professional footballers listen to music before the game to help them focus, relax and get in the right state of mind – and some footballers even like to visualize the game in advance to try and get in the right mindset. Footballers also have lots of individual rituals they always follow prior to a match; some players like to put their football boots on in a certain order, some like to pray in the dressing room while others might actually just show up to the game and that’s how they get the most out of themselves! There are no right or wrong ways to prepare for a football match but it’s highly important to know what the best pre-match routine for yourself is. In this video we go through different things you can try and hopefully you will learn how to prepare for a football match!

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  1. I hit my cleats together 3 times before a match

  2. I have a final in 3 days this will help thanks

  3. VIDEO: "How to prepare like a PRO"
    Griezmann: "I DO SH!T"

  4. I just walk around in the center and do random shoots to get to know about their keeper and defenders

  5. Not very special but I try my best to fill my body with water and carbs to have enough energy for running. I usually start in the evening before match day.

  6. Thank you soo much you inspire me very much on every of your video from Cameroon. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²

  7. I chew gum and try to look cool b4da ladies by doing some warmup and footwork
    Helps alot

  8. I eat burger every time before a game and it works like it really works . I score hattricks when I eat burgers.

  9. I’m a Gk
    My first game is on Sunday
    I only started watching football in July and playing in September

  10. I have my first football tournament in a few days after 3 years since I last played a tournament wish me luck😊

  11. I have my first debut in years tomorrow as a goalkeeper, its full 11 aside and its the quarter finals already, our main gk was injured and fractured his wrist and its lasting for roughly for 6 weeks, meaning I'm going to have to play my best, I'll let this comment section know the score and who wins

  12. When the referee blows his whistle for kickoff, I roll up my long sleeves. It's like a serious mode

  13. when i paly a football match i always tape my fingers because it looks cool

  14. Because we have to wear masks before the game starts I put the mask in my left sock

  15. I pray to god..

    Kit like Neymar with long stockings..
    Tape my finger
    My bagpack is full with kit
    I have my favourite persons photos in my phone,so I open them and greet them and ask them for strength.

    And I am a bit nervous too.but i hvae trained very hard this time ..I am gonna rock itπŸ’―πŸ˜‰


  17. I wear my right sock over my knee and the left one a bit below the shinguard before every game.

  18. I prefer to just motivate myself cause it's mostly works for me

  19. For my prep i usually jog around my house for 10mins at 7:00 am and just play with the ball

  20. Every time I try to visualise myself having a good game my brain's like nah watch you mess up the easiest shot in existence lmao

  21. I am a goalkeeper and tomorrow we have 1 day league (if we lose 1game we will be knocked out) and I suffered a small injury on my thumb yesterday "the injury healed up but still there is a pain and I am bit nervous for tomorrow and I hope this would work. I will update this tomorrow.

  22. Stretching is important.. also having a banana with us can boost your energy if you are tired inbetween a match…

  23. Actually I'm not that advanced football player but before any match I love to freestyle with myself and to run around the field

  24. I have a championship match tomorrow and this is the first time we have ever made it this far

  25. I kiss my imaginary gf before match and it work too

  26. I am having a inter house school after 4 day

  27. Just wanna ask that is it okay to imagine things that I cannot do in matches like bicycle goals etc before the game day or it is better to keep your mind empty and calm rather than thinking on such topics.Pls reply it would mean a lot and would be really helpful

  28. I kinda like take charge with the team and you know talking and basicly leading stuff it makes me feel responsible and ready

  29. I motivate myself by saying β€œIf I perform optimally, I get to wank one off after” πŸ˜‚

  30. I’m here after my college not having enough players, so i want to prepare for a 90 min game

  31. What do I do? Walk like every footballer who comes into my mind
    Messi- short movements, Ronaldo – Head down, head up, ridiculpus SIIIIIIIMM, Zlatan- like a G..
    Samuel Umtiti- after scoring a goal……..

  32. I will send this videos to my son Thanks for these tips

  33. π™Όπš˜πš˜πš—πš™πšžπšπš_πšπšŠπš–πšŽπš› says:

    uhm so a unsusual thing i do is play with my shirt… ive been tolled its not good for playing cuz of ur skills and stuff but it makes me feel comfortable idk

  34. I,usally just talk to friends then i stretch but couple days before the game i do some workouts
    i shoot around a little parctice passing and then one day before the game i just rest i suggest
    u go to sleep early.

  35. HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR A MATCH? What kind of routines do you have? Comment and let us know πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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