HUGE HIT in 8th Grade Football Game! 🤯 #shorts -

HUGE HIT in 8th Grade Football Game! 🤯 #shorts

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  1. Bro my friend hits way harder he is a deadly 5th grade hitter

  2. i am a lineman in the sixth grade and i hit harder than that

  3. Imagine if he fuckin wrapped up smh kids seem to be scared to or sum bro

  4. Im still waiting for the big hit is this some sort of mistake?!?

  5. Jesus, these kids will never learn. He brings his arms in, and only uses his head and shoulder to make contact. Here’s to CTE, boys!

  6. I have seen harder hits from 5th and 6th graders

  7. why are the comments bugging, maybe y’all have never played football but this is a big hit, especially for 8th grade

  8. Watch the video for two days straight and still don’t see the big hit

  9. i would have stopped and took a step back when he is two or thee yards away then when he goes flying then i would have started running

  10. Hahaha. A Dad with a camera. Pads popping is just pads popping. Kid stayed on his feet. Huge hit? That’s hysterical.

  11. ⚾️ C • A • M • I • L • A • ⚾️ says:

    That was on purpose

  12. ‘If your still waiting for the big hit”


  13. Bro a Minecraft skeleton would be ok from that 💀

  14. I rather watch rugby,this is a sissy sport now

  15. We have bigger hits then that in grade 7 ball

  16. they’re in 8th grade, if you were out there at that age it feels like a bit hit trust me

  17. How is it a big hit if he stayed up and didn’t even fall

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