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I Played in a FOOTBALL MATCH vs PRO FUTSAL PLAYERS! (Crazy Skills & Goals)

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YES GUYS! WELCOME BACK! Check out what happened when I played in a Football / Futsal / Soccer match against some PRO FUTSAL PLAYERS & FOOTBALLERS! Ldn Movements FC challenged a VERY Good team in our Brand New PRO League. In todays video there is players playing that used to play for ENGLAND & in PROFESSIONAL leagues! There is some Crazy Goals, Skills, Tricks, Nutmegs, Fouls & MORE in this Match! Hopefully you guys enjoy these Full Match Highlights / Compilation. This Real Match was intense! If you do enjoy, please don’t forget to Smash the LIKE Button! Drop a comment below & don’t forget to Subscribe! #Football #Futsal #Skills

I hope everyone enjoyed the Chelsea vs Liverpool FINAL & The PENALTIES! What a Penalty Shootout!

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I Played in a FUTSAL MATCH with a PRO FOOTBALLER! (Crazy Skills & Goals)


  1. I want you to play in the Premier League.

  2. Jesus the refs take it seriously don't they, calm down

  3. Literally everyone on this team is so good except for the goalie

  4. That goaly was Khaled the annoying one from se dons

  5. Thanks for the video so intensive n entrainment game, lost learn from mistake n improve next game, well done yours

  6. the first was for what i didnt understand AHAHAHAH

  7. You should do some futsal tutorials on howvto be better futsal player it wouldhelp me or more people for sure

  8. Y don't Jamie put jack in his team I'm just saying that would be amazing 🥶🔥🔥🔥

  9. Karim Is a legend man But the Prada was Nice to be fair😂🥶😜👏🔥

  10. They celebrate like how Maguire did against Albania.

  11. I kept thinking "who tf is this keeper with these silly mistakes and the screaming, kinda reminds me of Khaled from SE Dons"… It is Khaled from SE Dons🤣

  12. The ref is Always on The other Side i don't get it lol

  13. Was it just me who saw that guy say it’s a foul and he was just pushing Karim back

  14. There’s definitely defensive issues in the team. But first and foremost, you need a better GK. He’s just not good enough

  15. that bald fella on their team lookin like busquets out there. definitely the man of the match

  16. brilliant 3rd goal by gbo. loft pass under presuure, then a first touch on an aerial ball then a great finish

  17. The keeper is good but too many careless mistakes in this particular match.

  18. Lol I had that ref for years playing futsal at liverpool futsal

  19. U guys need more defensive work. This game shows poor gameplay. Why is last man who has the ball dribbling. Just make simple pass and need to be more aggressive towards the opponent. Goal keeper needs to work on the ball as well. I feel like that other coach is missing. He has passion and tells players to do their job. Good luck on the next game. I wanna see you guys win the cup.

  20. love it I play in a top League in West Australia

  21. I hate that referee he talks like weirdo and he rush players so much and like he's so rude

  22. Have a plan and stick to it, make it difficult for the other teams!

  23. Instead of playing footy in a gymnasium maybe you should address the situation in the Ukraine. You are as bad as Thogden.

  24. Swear their keeper is Khaled from SE Dons??

  25. Yo Jamie you where playing in my schools sports hall

  26. I’m coming to watch you play Southampton luistianos sunday. Bring me a signed shirt please 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👀

  27. That ref was the worst ref that I’ve ever seen 🤬💩

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