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I Played in a FOOTBALL MATCH vs PRO FUTSAL PLAYERS! (Crazy Skills & Goals)

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YES GUYS! WELCOME BACK! Check out what happened when I played in a Football / Futsal / Soccer match against some PRO FUTSAL PLAYERS & FOOTBALLERS! Ldn Movements FC challenged a VERY Good team in our Brand New PRO League. In todays video there is players playing that used to play for ENGLAND & in PROFESSIONAL leagues! There is some Crazy Goals, Skills, Tricks, Nutmegs, Fouls & MORE in this Match! Hopefully you guys enjoy these Full Match Highlights / Compilation. This Real Match was intense! If you do enjoy, please don’t forget to Smash the LIKE Button! Drop a comment below & don’t forget to Subscribe! #Football #Futsal #Skills

I hope everyone enjoyed the Chelsea vs Liverpool FINAL & The PENALTIES! What a Penalty Shootout!

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I Played in a FUTSAL MATCH with a PRO FOOTBALLER! (Crazy Skills & Goals)


  1. zaid wasnt agréssiv, théy r mor agréssiv

  2. You got Arthur on your team two games in a row. Dang man!

  3. In this league. I'd say you guys need to work on defensive schemes more. Lots of time there's only two of you back there. Have to work and have to have a plan. Good match as always. Get the next one

  4. These refs are getting way too big for their boots wtf is that voice

  5. Not gonna lie Tariq’s goal was nice and that team play that u guys played to create the goal bro🔥

  6. watching these amateurs with way too much show and ego is just high cringe quality

  7. I watched this game on another channel. Im sure a goal has been taken out from the opposition

  8. Icl u man need to patter ur defence like there were lots of gaps so it needs to be more organised and everyone needs to track back

  9. We’ll keep progressing! Big up the effort from the boys – J stop diving 😅

  10. Is that Khaled from SE Dons in goal for them? Man Whale!

  11. Keep making videos ur content is to gd ⚽️💯

  12. You guys need to work harder in games, your all great technically but don’t defend well enough off the ball. If you guys could fix that you’d beat anyone

  13. Zaid and these fruity hairstyles, what's goin on lad😂

  14. Friendly with Malaysian futsal youtuber jamie. Futsalista tv their name is. I'm pretty sure your view gonna be a lot in one day

  15. Love LDN! IStarted to Play Futsal after the vids! very interesting and useful ! This type of videos are useful and healthy than watching netflix and other stuff! keep the good work LDN ! There are exceptionally good players are in LDN Team!❤

  16. Isn’t the oppositions keeper Khaled from the SE Dons?

  17. Is that the manwhale in goals for the other team who plays for SE dons sometimes

  18. "Pro futsal players", portuguese and spanish players be laughing at this, have seen games in the schoolyard with greater organization.

  19. Love ldn.
    Love your videos.
    Love your style.
    But guys…. Defense is everything and you need better keeper.
    Bader is cool, but not up to a task.
    Ps you still play for fun. Try play for win. You ll be better

  20. New six pack tutorial video🤴👑
    Uploaded do not miss😱🙌💯😈

  21. The other teams goalie is the Whale who used to play for SE Dons lol

  22. Arthur is really not that good if we are being honest and Zaid made too many mistakes on defense

  23. Hope to see the game in fifa court
    Will be more intense and enjoyable

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