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I Tried The NFL’s Virtual Reality Game…

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NFL Pro Er VR – Virtual Reality Football on the Oculus. Touted as the best VR football experience known to man, and licensed by the NFL… can papa meags throw lazers when actual physical fitness is required….!? Warning – If you touch grass, this game may not be for you.

wow, you stud – thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now – great job sport. keep up the nice work!


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  1. Why are most of the players black? I mean there is white people but mostly everyone is dark skinned

  2. If you use a treadmill you can run like Lamar Jackson in the game

  3. When u run u gotta hold down the bottom triggers and pump your arms

  4. Jokes on you I don't have a sister or a brother

  5. If u cut to the left and go right the defenders get completely lost

  6. I already clapped yours too so you cant say crap

  7. You look a Jeffrey Dahmer just saying 😂😂

  8. To run you stick and hold your left hand infront of you

  9. I’ve played this, and it’s wild and a lot of fun, but also janky as hell. If I put a couple more hours in I think I could have gotten way better though.

  10. Can someone gift it to me my name is irishgreens

  11. If you throw the ball away the offense runs to the sideline and the d runs in circles😂

  12. Love ur vids u should do a collab with kaykayes and do like 3 million dollar team builds like the og days

  13. This is so realistic they used the roblox game for the field.

  14. Js about VR, you gotta get used to it to not get headaches, when you first play is so different than anything you’ve seen before so it actually like fucks with you hard for some reason. First time I tried Minecraft I thought I was hungover after 😂

  15. Seems like a cool concept but the graphics are shit

  16. am I the only one who thinks this doesn't look that good? and I also think MMG was being polite with his rating. he really wanted to go lower lol. based off the video Id give it a 4 tops. MMG aint never gonna play this again either, hence the quick headache remark.

  17. "i would be a female but that means ill be shorter and weaker" bros on andrew tate timing LMAOO

  18. The reason your slow on that play is because its a handoff not a read option so you have to give it the rb

  19. You have to press forward on the left stick when you are scrambling

  20. i don’t think i’ve EVER seen this many comments asking for a series of something. papa gotta deliver dawg 💯

  21. Mmg, my sister… my sister is 12 years old

  22. If you pick different numbers on your jersey will you be that person like if I pick 17 I would be josh Allen

  23. I know it sound like I'm just fat but use joysticks and pump arm

  24. Yo does it coat money and what is the game called

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