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I Used Every World Cup Football (1930 – 2022)

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Thank u @DavidMC10 for showing me how football should be played LMAO

Credit to @chrismd10 for the original idea when he did it with premier league footballs!

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  1. O camisa de vermelho vai ganhar de amarelo vai perder ⚔️🛡️🗡️

  2. I thought they gonna speak about balls while they were playing,but they were in another dimension..
    Little disappointment

  3. All of futcrunch’s goals no matter what are amazing

  4. bro saying siu wearing a neymar shirt

  5. انا مليت من الحوار في الحقيقة…نقاش وجدال ممل

  6. 5:59 nem tão piores assim tem a de 2022 que você escolheu
    Ela não é tão ruim assim

  7. Ya es que el de 2010 cuando ganó España es el mejor

  8. Thank you for the Turkish dubbing, I subscribed

  9. 2. ve 3. toplar keloğlandaki topa benziyor

  10. Bro is so trash he made laugh until I caught 😂

  11. Hello, I'm from Brazil, do you like American or Brazilian football more?

  12. Wooooorld Cuuuup! 🏆😍 Thanks for having me in the vid bro 🙂

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