Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots | 2022 Week 9 Game Highlights -

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots | 2022 Week 9 Game Highlights

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  1. I attended this atrocious game. This game is up there in worst games of the year & was ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE with I think negative yards most of the any through the first

  2. YouTube be dancing when we get the 15 second no skip ads

  3. Why is Matt Judon out there? I thought he was done for the season with torn biceps?

  4. This & the jets patriots game 2 weeks later we’re the games of the year so far

  5. Mac Jones is axx and holding the offense back. He stay in panic mode just watch em

  6. Let’s hope we beat the jets in week 11 if we win we are the same record as them let’s go pats

  7. Pats got the wrong Qb starting fam!

  8. Damn Mac need to calm down on the deep passes alot of open passes to flat to Henry and Stevenson

  9. Man I just hope they can get the offense together. While they did manage to score, it wasn't pretty. I think Mac Jones can be an amazing franchise QB, and I think if McDaniels was the one still coaching him he would have picked up where left off and we wouldn't be in this regression. Hopefully this win kicks them into gear and they go on a run. Playoffs would be nice.

  10. Matt Ryan might be the worst QB in the league

  11. All I can say is the Patriots had better be 7-4 when they meet the bills if they want any chance of making the playoffs!

  12. I hope Devin McCourty retires here and hope retire jersey he has been loyal Patriot even after people left.

  13. Every time I see a quarter get taken down in one of those slinging tackles, all I can think about is Tom Brady whining to a referee and getting a flag thrown for "roughing the passer". They definitely don't call it the same for everyone

  14. We still have a chance making it to the playoffs in the best division

  15. Sure bench Matt Ryan and bring in this goon just so they can make it close enough for MAYBE a field goal. At least with Matty Ice there's a chance of a big play or touchdown. And please we need JT Back like NOW

  16. All these games are SPOILED by this channel because they ALWAYS feature the winner in the video's thumbnail. NFL channel, please stop spoiling these recap videos for those of us who didn't see the game or know who won. SPOILERS SUCK and you spoil EVERY video, EVERY week.

  17. they should move the patriots to the nfc east with the giants cowboys and eagles. cause the commanders can make the afc jets dolphins bills division closer and the fans don't really care about a competitive division with the patriots right now. also bills commanders twice a year.

  18. Coastal win I want to go to rain go to the super bowl keep on win the colts no one's going to go to the super bowl the on to be all the team and go to the super bowl this year 2000

  19. yo look at the guy at 3:50… am I looking at it wrong or is he pushing him away

  20. Patriots offense doesn’t need work it’s mac jones ! He is not decisive, slow release, and the O just doesn’t flow with him. We have clearly seen the difference with Bailey Zappe under center. Hopefully Mac improves. go Pats !

  21. Jones need to get out of the pocket faster the kid kills me on how much he gets sacked

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