It's NCAA Football 21, basically -

It’s NCAA Football 21, basically

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Finally, NCAA Football video game in 2021.

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All info on College Football Revamped and How to play:

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NCAA Football is back with the new College Football Revamped gameplay

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  1. I have a PS5 what is it called I can’t find it

  2. Philly Catholic League Sports Network says:

    It’s an art update, this thing got super overhyped.

  3. Just curious, what's different with this mode, and just downloading the rosters? The most recent roster update has all players and teams, coordinators and head coaches, records updated, etc. So I'm just wondering if this mode is something else worth getting

  4. In my opinion BCS is better than the college Playoffs😐

  5. For those of you that can’t afford $100 for NCAA ‘14…. NCAA ‘13 still has modern updates and I just bought it for $15

  6. Excuse me – fuck coastal. Go Georgia southern. That blue field is ugly and the mullets are even worse. GATA

  7. Honestly all you would need to add is literally just get madden people tomake the type of animation model as the up to date maddens add that and this game 1m times better than madden ea could NEVER

  8. I hate you PS K8 play in college trying to

  9. UConn New Mexico State and Umass are also not in the game and they’re fbs still

  10. Ryan’s home sports 🏀 games 🎮 says:

    How did you get that my Me and my mom luk Ed. For it is not alt

  11. Pls pls pls pls play NCCA 21 with Arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Use Dillon Payne on ncaa football he’s a tumwater tbird and a state champion

  13. My fam is crazy when I say crazy I realllyy mean it but I have NCAA 12

  14. Smfh why do I have to have a JTAG to get it on Xbox 🙁 🙁

  15. Logan Fedor and Masses! Vlogs, Gaming, & Masses! says:

    I got this game today.

  16. Those Intros are legit!! Got me pumped. Ive been enjoying online H2h Campus legends on Madden 22. It's the closest thing to Ncaa for people who don't know the rocket science to get this one. Check out the Campus Legends online H2H videos.

  17. This made me super happy too. But that field is teal…not baby blue. Its not Tar Heel blue.

  18. It's not NCAA football 21….. Like at all

  19. dang i havent watched you since madden 16 and you gained so much weight

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