Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. Eagles probably have the easiest schedule in the NFL
    The hardest team they play the rest of the year is a home game against the packers…other than that, almost every other team they will face won’t make the playoffs
    The Jaguars turned the ball over 5 times and still only lost by 8
    The lions came very close to coming back and winning in week one, they just ran out of time
    The Vikings and commanders are…well…the Vikings and the commanders lol
    They will make the playoffs because of their garbage schedule but will likely be one and done, divisional round AT BEST

  2. ok. maybe Philly actually can win the NFC..

  3. Can’t wait for the cowboys to expose the eagles they be playing trash teams

  4. Probably one of the worst performance in week 3 , those QBs really need to step it up

  5. Not sure if it’s that Lawrence isn’t that good, or it’s just the Jags O-line that sucks and does a bad job of protecting him. I get the feeling he just needs to be with a better team.

  6. Jags should of ran James Robinson more in that weather condition unless he was hurt they are goofy 😂

  7. trevor lawrence literally dropped the ball. multiple times

  8. Mark my words, both of these QBs are bad. It’s odd to see two good college QBs both suck in the NFL.

  9. Lawrence threw that pick because the receiver did a terrible job of attacking the ball he back pedaling expecting the back to just come right too him and got his QB picked I kno WRcoach pissed

  10. Jags o line is TRAAAAASSSSHHHHH 🗣🗣🗣

  11. Florida QB was for sure the best player on the Eagles team XD

  12. Imagine if Daniel Jones lost 4 fumbles in one game, we’d never hear the end of it

  13. The eagles may not be masters in any aspect of the game but each aspect of their game is beyond elite. Exciting year for Philly

  14. Hurts …. Is…. NUMBER ONE. no matter if u like , take this , sit down and write it. He is NUMBER ONE. Now let me ask u man, what does it take to be NUMBER ONE? 2 is not winner , and 3 nobody remembers .

  15. Eagles/Bills should get more national games but Networks love Cowboys and Queefs

  16. Look The eagles have literally the easiest schedule this season outside the giants they don’t play may good teams at all this season apart from maybe 3 games. Don’t get me wrong the team is stacked but they aren’t playing anyone worth much once the playoffs come we will really see where they are at

  17. I absolutely LOVE it when someone makes a first down and makes the 1st down hand signal. It is SO vital to the game that they do that.

  18. Jalen hurts great but he could work more on his field vision

  19. Trevor Lawrence is a bust, he needs to be benched. He is horrible.

  20. The vanity and selfishness are really all I see anymore. The only thing that keeps me watching are the 10-15 minute highlights I could not handle an entire game.

  21. Any doubt i had with the style is GONE! This is insanely well put together lets hope the energy from the trailer is in game too 😉

  22. If Trevor doesn't fumble that first football we lose the game

  23. Betting Eagles by 12 vs Cardinals on Sunday

  24. Aj brown could’ve easily tackled the dude on the pick 6

  25. The eagles are going no where like they normally do. So funny all you fair weather fans think they going to Superbowl. They are a fluke team that will self destruct. Eagles suck…lol

  26. Man, hurts not going to last long in the NFL taking them shots

  27. 12:16 I don’t understand the call here. Why would they go for it when they could’ve just kicked a field goal to go up by two scores

  28. Jags had got off to a good start in this one, Lawrence fumble the ball to much in this one.

  29. trevor cant let that ball go as much as he did again, i know he needs better protection but nah bro u cant lmao

  30. Damn Eagles coulda EASILY lost this one smh “best team in football” boy I can’t wait til week 6

  31. Jags and Vikings count as playing somebody for the Eagles but the Cowboys and played nobody like the Bucs and Bengals. And I’m only really speaking on y’all saying that about Diggs.

  32. i think the eagles are going to be 14 and 2 this season.

  33. Lions, Commanders, Jaguars, and Vikings…tough games lol

  34. Why would you go for it on 4&3 when you up 14-0 bad call smh

  35. It's time for the NFL to just expell the Jaguars,and commanders..Year in Year out they constantly lose..

  36. Miles Sanders
    27 attempts
    134 rushing yards
    2 rushing touchdowns
    27.6 Fantasy Points!

  37. Don't know how the refs missed that obvious face mask…. everyone in the stadium and on TV saw it.
    Great game. I don't have a dog in this fight, but was fun to watch. Lawrence not have a feel for when the pocket is collapsing?

  38. Terrible interception by Lawrence in the 3rd in the red zone. Just awful

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