Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Washington Commanders | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Washington Commanders | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. Jags left six points off the board going for it on 4th and goal and not kicking, and also missing a field goal. Those 6 pts make it a tie game. Not saying they’re better than Washington, but I wouldn’t sleep on them too much this year.

  2. Wentz is great in the pocket…kudos to Wash. OL. Lawrence is very accurate but has zero mobility. Another dismal year ahead for the Jags.

  3. I wish everyone the best but what if Trevor never becomes great? For some reason I just don't think he'll be labeled as a bust. I know expectations were high but with the team he went to can people really say he's a bust?

  4. Yall played the jaguars, calm down smh. They had the 1st overall pick for a reason.

  5. Rivera is a genius. Wentz loves to stare down his receivers…. so put all your receivers on the same side so you can't tell who he is staring at.

  6. How about that win! Man has this guy grown his skill level. Ima a believer. This guys arm is incredible!🤔

  7. Best Game for Wentz this Season mark My words.

  8. I thought the hype was supposed to be with jacksonville

  9. Awesome to see the 'Skins look like a pro-level team! Can't wait to see them this season!

  10. Jax is a better team this game… they could have won…

  11. how u all feel about wenz in Washington after that first game?

  12. Washington commanders?????? What a bunch of leftie wankers the NFL are

  13. Excited about the Commanders this year. Wentz dropping dimes and will have a good season, but the Jags beat themselves this game.

  14. I will never watch a " commanders "game maybe the 20 protesters will raise their ratings

  15. The real question is. When the Eagles had Wentz, and ALL of you former " RED SKIN " FANS SAID HE SUCKED, hes injury proned, hes this and that lol

    How do you like him now?

  16. Yah lol that JAGS recievers droppd td passes lol

  17. This year te commanders will win the SB

  18. I don't remember the team being this good around Taylor Heinicke. Wtf, the team is able to make Carson Wentz look good and he had 2 interceptions. I think Heinicke got a raw deal

  19. I'm excited for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles to go against Carson Wentz and the Commanders. that'll be interesting not because of the game but because Wentz and Hurts.

  20. Washington will always be the Skins to me….

  21. As a Cowboys fan, this is definitely the deepest recovering core in the division! Curtis Samuel is who Dallas fans want Cee Dee to be

  22. How's 'bout the DC Chinese Communists instead of "Commanders".

  23. I feel bad for the Jags defense. Their offense sucked

  24. Not a wentz fan or a Washington fan but I knew that was a good pickup in the off-season. Wentz actually looked pretty good on the colts last year. Their team just thought they were better than they actually are. Now they have an actual bum with Matt Ryan 😂 dudes super washed

  25. Washington’s best Qb performance in a while.Hopefully he stays healthy for them.

  26. Way too many mistakes by the Jags in the redzone.

  27. Going for it on fourth down and not
    Taking 3 and then missing a field goal that’s another 3 and then going four 2 instead of taking 1 . The jags left 7 points on the field this on the coaches

  28. Redskins…………f….k commanders

  29. Washington runners are damn good..or the jaguars defends are bad??

  30. Commanders i guess it sounds better than the Guardians the previous choice but still weird and unnecessary PC BS if you ask me

  31. I hear Dan Snyder has called Riggins and ask him if he is busy Thursday night,, hey there may be hope…You have to be an old school Redskin fan for that to make sense

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