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Well John and O’Brien and his Team return once again to make great use of the Mega CD Hardware , but didn’t quite get the game play right , shame as the game was great with great depth and, just needed better controls and a passing system


  1. This game was difficult as hell as a child

  2. sega genesis joe montan 2 was way better

  3. I wanted and got a Sega CD for this game alone. It was a PIA to learn to play it but once you knew how to time the ball on passes, it was a blast to play and it was the first 3D football I played in 1993 which was pretty heady back then

  4. sega cd is much more than that…take a look at silpheed..batman returns..road advenger..and you will forget "that" for ever..

  5. This deserves to go down as one of the best football games of all-time…you didn't see this much in depth game play strategy until you go to the Playstation Madden games.

  6. Had this game too and it was a disgrace to Montana's name.

  7. impressive GRAPHICS for sega cd!!! i must get my hands on one!!!!

  8. idd with a bit more coluors inscreen you could think some game are psx,when i came to the VR level in batman and robin on the sega cd i almost tought i was playing psx,sega cd had the most impressive scaling a 16bit console could wich for.

  9. WTF? Are you guys insane? This game sucked ASS!

    It was slow. The passing was garbage. Running was garbage. The commentary was unnecessary since the timing was so screwed up.

    This game was the absolute worst of the entire Joe Montana series. It's a forgettable game that no one cared about then, and they don't care about it now. it was one more reason for why the Sega CD was a joke, and one more nail in it's coffin.

    People, If you've never played this game before, you're lucky!

  10. true the graphic are great,wished they made more games like this.looks like eraly saturn or psx,looks like above anything on snes.

  11. it looked about the same on regular cartridge i still have the game

  12. I remember buying this game.. I was so excited cause I wanted to rub it in my friends face about how great it was cause everybody were Super Nintendo fans but when I played it I was so disapointed and so pissed off.. This game and graphics really sucked..

  13. @AllPro777 yes, this game was horrendous in every way. The regular Sega Genesis version was 1000x better.

  14. @AllPro777 The interesting thing about this game, bad game play not withstanding, is that graphically it's very impressive for a 1993 console game. Not the best the Mega CD had to offer but it made good use of the hardware scaling effects in the machine.

    Most Mega CD games were little more than ports of regular Mega Drive games. If more games had taken advantage of the upgraded hardware the machine could have faired better in the market.

  15. @Disthron

    For this game in particular, the reason it failed is because it was inferior to the Sportstalk Football series on Genesis which had continuous play-by-play announcing, better player models, better player control, and faster gameplay. Sure the scaling effects were good on the CD version, but the overall game still looked like crap compared to its Genesis counterpart and that was inexcusable. I tried to love this game but I just couldn't, it was just too awful.

  16. @AllPro777 I'm not disagreeing with you, other than that the game looked bad overall but that's just my opinion. I'm just saying that this game dose have some merit on a purely technical point of view. It's like Blood shot, a First Person Shooter, on the Genesis. It is not much of a game but as a tech demo it is very impressive, and Zero Tolerance showed what could be done with similar tech when given to people who knew how to make a game.

    Do you get me now?

  17. @Disthron

    I got you before. I know you weren't disagreeing, I was just giving my take on why I felt the game missed the mark in relation to the cart version.

  18. lol…i used to have the this game and the sega cd but yeah..this game was a complete failure

  19. @AllPro777 I had it on genesis. Remembered liking something about it, but there must be some reason it ain't in my collection today.


    The Genesis versions were great UNTIL they started trying to make the game like Madden with NFL '95. That was the end for the series in terms of being relevant.

  21. @AllPro777 I was actually thinking of NFL Quarterback Club. Can't really remember what games from back then I thought were really good. I remember liking the tecmo series.

  22. This game was SUCH a disappointment. I loved the Joe Montana sports talk football – joe montana 94. Can't believe i wasted so much money on a sega cd.

  23. It was terrible, *but* it did show that there was potential in the hw that wasn't tapped–Batman Returns, for example, was a much, much better game using the same custom chip.

  24. The original Joe Montana football games kind of sucked as they had no real teams and rosters, but this was a very well done remake. People remember this was 1991 through late 1994 that the majority of the Sega CD's games were developed. Within the system, Sega had a few hidden treasures of games in many genres that you can only find on sega CD. This is actually the only version of the game that is anything like this. The EA sports Bill Walsh College football was another sports game only found on Sega CD, it basically was the equivalent of NFL 94 with college teams, with the added element of having all time teams play in the playoffs as well. For people who didnt grow up on these old games you might think they look like shit, but I grew up in the 8-16 bit era and when I saw this stuff come out, each time, it was like the greatest graphics ever, Shit Saturn for about 3 years was the best thing I had ever owned in my life! Also, the excellent fifa championship edition soccer port, Sonic CD, the ORIGINAL NBA Jam in Arcade port quality, the special weapons racing game version of Batman, the Dungeon Master 2 port, the 2 amazing Lunar games, the PC Quality version of NHL 94, PC quality of Syndicate, considered one of the top old school PC games of all time. best rail shooter ever Sewer Shark, WWF rage in the cage, Shadowrun, The third world war, soulstar, wirehead, ground zero texas, dark wizard, blade arcus from shining, all versions were only on one console, Sega CD. I could name more lol. Its more than easy to get a emulator and get sega cd roms going. Definitely worth you time if you have never played any of these.

  25. Them graphics, almost playstatiom alike. Sega cd was really something, they never needed a 32x to show off awesome graphics.

  26. Compare to NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana, this game was a disgrace to the Joe Montana Football games. They should've ported NFL Football '94 to the Sega CD instead of making this crap. To Sega CD owners, avoid it at all cost.

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