Josh Allen: "Playing Complimentary, Smart Football Games" | Buffalo Bills -

Josh Allen: “Playing Complimentary, Smart Football Games” | Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills
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Bills Quarterback Josh Allen addressed the media on Sunday after a 20-12 win against the New York Jets. Topics include: Jets’ gameplay, playing through the first half struggles, appreciation for the Bills defense, offensive play calls and Dawson Knox’s touchdown.

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  1. That one stupid reporter saying they don’t look like a superbowl offense after they win🤦‍♂️

  2. @ 4:35, …In a press conference, Reporters are supposed to ask questions and report the answers, NOT give their opinions! If they want to include some opinions IN THEIR ARTICLE, fine! But you dont throw biased opinions at the subject of the press conference, DURING THE PRESS CONFERENCE! What a tool!

  3. Who the hell is the corny reporter that just asks all the players to “go through the play”.. ask better questions.. and Jerry Sullivan is a complete moron can’t stand that guy

  4. That reporter is ignorant for making such a comment. The nerve of some people.

  5. I believe they have a whole lot in the playbook they are not showing until the playoffs. That's a gamble but smart.

  6. Jerry Sullivan finding ways to abase himself like a self- loathing submissive is a lock 🔒

  7. The Bills offense is on life-support, Ken Dorsey has to do better. Tyler Bass is having a great season.

  8. jerry sullivan shouldn't be allowed in that room ever again

  9. It's funny that the jets are based in New york (really new jersey), and they can't win in the actual state of new york

  10. Great Game Josh hats off you are the best.

  11. It so an Offence that can win it all this reporter a fool never played and don't get that the Jet's have a top Offence and you scored found a way congratulations Josh don't listen to that foolishness.. Let's Go Buffalo

  12. If his point is the bills haven't looked full throttle yet then God help the AFC when they do lol

  13. Jerry Sullivan is an big A Hole needs to be boycotted

  14. WR disappointing Imho Can’t get open, and Allen isn’t right

  15. “ok!” lol:) what a Chad! Josh is hilarious!!!

  16. Josh was OUTSTANDING with winning, playing in bad weather, and holding the #1 seed in the AFC. Keep it going. I am a lifelong Bills fan, after Jim Kelly retired, I went 25 YEARS! more then half my life! until I got another Hall of Fame QB, and it's you Josh!💯We can play and win ANY kind of way, JUST WIN. Joe Namath in Super Bowl 3, Terry Bradshaw in Super Bowl 9, Joe Montana in Super Bowl 16, Tom Brady in Super Bowl 36, that type of game is fine, it wins the World Championship!💯 Josh Allen in Super Bowl 57, JUST WIN, we ALL got your back in Buffalo! ignore the "fools" in the press, LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!

  17. Dorsey looks like he’s afraid to have big offensive plays in the first half. The play calling is horrendous. We know what works, trust josh, trust the receivers. Make those big plays out of the gate, don’t wait until the 3rd quarter to start playing and being us.

  18. Jerry Sullivan is a crusty old reporter trying to take a page out of the Bucky Gleason playbook. Dude needs to hang it up which his atrocious and childish takes…

  19. Does anyone know the reporters name who is speaking at the 4:36 mark ? He sounds like a really nasty human, but Josh is smarter and did not take the bait. Your opinion is worth less than your 1st ever paycheck buddy and that was not a question, do your job and stick to questions.

  20. It's not always going to be pretty or be a 300+ yard passing game for Allen. All that matters is that we WIN!! You got this Josh!! You got the whole city behind you kid!

  21. That reporter is the goat. Glad someone else finally noticed Josh Allen is over-hyped.

  22. It wasn't pretty, but its a division win and in the end, learn from the ugly and appreciate the win and the Division Lead

  23. 🏈,,, and that folks is the reason the Buffalo News cut ties with Jerry Sullivan 😠. His Boston snarky attitude (4:35) made him so unlikeable. "Okay?"

  24. "Complementary" not complimentary. On whoever transcribed the title, not on Josh who said it correctly.

  25. Josh answered with great poise to a provocative and baiting comment. For example, what exactly does it mean by good enough to win a SB? But you can see the rat hole if you take the bait there. There is no moral victory in this league, we are 10-3 and if we keep winning, that's what matters. Josh made good decisions, didn't risk the balls and let the other players play their parts, especially the defense – and guess what, they did! In this season, the media and many pundits had their narratives around Bills: Bills don't know how to come back if they are behind, Bills and Josh cannot win in close games, Bills don't have a working run game, Bills win games but still lose out in their own division. Cross, cross,cross and cross. What else now? In this game, Bills always scored first, had 13 points lead in Q3 and most of Q4, scored 13 unanswered points, in the end had 8 point lead. Yet some guy still wrote on nfl dot com "Bills survived despite offensive struggles"??? How about "Jets fought hard but in the end, Bills still showed they were a better team". I'd take the "survival", the lead AND the win all the time.

  26. Sullivan is an absolute ass clown and should have his pass revoked

  27. I heard about the comment before watching this, but instantly knew before watching that it was Jerry Sullivan smh!

  28. I'm a Jet fan, and that reporter SAYING that the Bills "don't look like an offense that's good enough to win the Super Bowl right now" is an abject lobotomy patient, overlooking the fact that they just WON a game facing a Jets defense ranked as #5 defense in pts allowed, #3 defense in yds per game, and #4 defense in passing yds per game in the whole NFL. I don't think his journalism and reporting can cut it at the level of the New York Times right now.

  29. I love Josh, he was killing it in the first part of the season. He seems like he's in a slump. Why doesn't he throw more to Diggs?

  30. One reporter is critical of the Bills stumbling Offense, players being paid millions to make plays — and the fans are furious! What a bunch of babies. All they want to hear is that the team is a juggernaut and Josh is a god, it's their infantile view of loyalty. They want a love-in. "Complementary, smart football" (?) in Bills' last possessions, 3 and out, throwing on 1st down and saving the Jets critical time-outs, giving them a chance to come back? Dumb offensive football, saved by the Defense.

  31. I say run the ball more we have the backs to do it

  32. Holding….number 73….offense….false start….number 73 offense…..holding…..number. 73 offense….

  33. He has been a 💩disturber since Jim Kelly days, seriously don’t cover the Bills. I may be wrong but im pretty sure he is the one that made Poyer and Hyde 🤬 last year and you saw what happened after that. 😳 So I guess we should thank him.

  34. People voice their opinions way too much these days, Go Josh! GO BILLS !

  35. Josh is playing a lot better the last couple games than his numbers suggest. The drops the last few games are KILLING us. Wins are wins but drops have got to slow down

  36. Nice spelling. I believe the word you were looking for is "complementary."

  37. We are so used to this team blowing their opponents out that we fail to see the fact that we won the game(s). Good teams FIND a way to win…..

  38. Reporter he's a jets fan wish I knew his name, not good enough
    We will see!!!!

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