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Justin Fields VICTORY SLIDE 🥶 #shorts

The Washed Athlete
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  1. He really is “the washed athlete”

  2. Wow first victory in like 11 years and now a 3-13 record l.
    if the bears suck

  3. Smooth😮‍💨🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  4. Congrats you have the worst nfl field and got 3 wins that season

  5. That was the Best victory slide I saw 👀

  6. Well this aged real well bros on the Steelers now

  7. Im a niners fan but did not worry about that one loss

  8. How do u get the vid to track like that?

  9. Pov me winning my one and only effort game celebration(I'm number one who slid😂)

  10. lol beating the 49ers when ur barely a 80ovr team is wilddd

  11. Bro, my football teammates had to play a game during that!

  12. Nah there the worst team plus we 49ers went to the Super Bowl were is that team huh

  13. That’s all the little kids on the waterslide 😂

  14. People here after fields got signed to Steelers 😢

  15. True definition of being a penguin

  16. Then they proceed to loose almost every other game that year

  17. It is not a Super Bowl win or something

  18. That’s not there slide. The 49ers did it before when we won against the Bears

  19. One of the luckiest games for the bears

  20. She make it clap would be nasty on it by Tory Lanez

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