Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Super Bowl LVII Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Super Bowl LVII Game Highlights

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  1. I am a big big big big chief fan and Mahomes is my biggest fan

  2. Part 2 of original comment… but, the Chiefs now my 2nd fav team… Are u confused,? hey my fav team all my life is . The Dallas cowboys.. especially after easily trouncing thz over rated
    Broncos in 1978..soooo. now u kno why I enjoy watching the Eagles LOSE so much…..I mean city of brotherly live .. ,? are u serious r.n ? We're talking about, the same classy organization that stood and " in a evil n disgusting manner. .. applauded during a meaningless late season game, after Michael Irvin tore not 1/but both….complete MCL's in that wretched deathtrap field. then known as Veteran's Memorial Stadium….. I now bask in their futility purposely adorn myself in new Cowboys regalia every time, business calls me too/or even thru this heartless place….

  3. as a Philly fan this loss hurt but the chiefs played good so I can’t complain

  4. Eagles will get better we have saquon

  5. Eagles= biggest collapse of a football team in history. Fire Siriani

  6. The comment let them play about the holding call is moronic. It’s a foul.

  7. 3:16 "the Chiefs had cleats that kept them from slipping like the Eagles" 🤣

  8. I loved the chiefs winning having the great Harrison butker win kick

  9. Si tan solo entendiera las reglas de este deporte, estaría seguro de que fue un partidazo jajaja

  10. What ppl don't realise is The Chiefs been thru so much all season. This never came easy.

  11. 4:09 they missed that holding call but they didn't forget it later on. Cry more eagles fans about the refs.

  12. Just needed to come see greatness 🔥

  13. The only Super Bowl that I cheered for the Chiefs but the ending with not okay.

  14. Whos here in 2024 and cheifs beat the 49ers

  15. Game could have been twice as good if the players could stand up straight, does no one remember how everyone on the field just kept falling over?

  16. This has to be one of the superbowls I’ve ever watched and seen

  17. Eagles and Chiefs played very well .
    Let's face it, that 3 point kick Butcker made got the win.

    I wish the guys would of demonstrated aggressive appreciation to Him like they did to Nicole Hardman ..

    The kicker doesn't get enough credit..
    Again, 3 point kick win 57 for the Chiefs .
    Was a excellent game both Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes did their jobs well .
    Congrats to Eagles regardless of the loss they are a great team ❤

  18. ahhh…. the infamous 10-point lead on the chiefs… in the super bowl… the kiss of death for the other team…

  19. I was happy to see the Eagles lose. I hate the Eagles.

  20. This game was good but not like that bc the environment could have been better

  21. The most common form is an English translation and the translation for English 😅 but it’s a 😢🎉o my bad I

  22. American princess favourite game sanda Mitra ❤❤❤

  23. i LOVE Chiefs taunting After Touchdowns!

  24. 1. Michelob Ultra & Pepsi Zero Sugar
    2. Google Pixel & General Motors
    3. Pepsi Zero Sugar, Amazon & Bud Light
    4. M&M's & Ram 1500 Rev
    5. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny & Crown Royal
    6. T-Mobile

  25. i just know what would’ve happened if that terrible call wasn’t made in the end and i’m still livid

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